Dr. Kate Trout

Assistant Professor of Biology and Human Health

Dr. Kate Trout

Assistant Professor of Biology and Human Health

Arts & Sciences
Hoyt 306


Office Hours:
T: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
WR: 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Or by appointment


Fall 2018
Biol 210-000A, 000B & 000C / Human Anatomy & Lab
Biol 404-000A / Genetics
Coll 101-000D / College Success (Medical/Pre-Professional)

Spring 2019








  • 2014-2016, PhD in Health Services Research, Administration, and Policy, University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • 2012-2013, Master of Public Health (MPH) concentration in Epidemiology, University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • 2008-2011, Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biological Sciences, Peru State College
  • 2006-2008 University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Major Biological Chemistry

Research Interests

  • Rural Health
  • Global Health
  • Health Policy
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Community-based Participatory Research
  • Water, sanitation, and hygiene in developing countries
  • Health information technologies (HITs) in healthcare organizations and systems
  • Sustainability and effectiveness of healthcare innovations
  • Access to healthcare in underserved/rural populations


Articles published in scholarly journals, book chapters, policy briefs, and technical reports:

Journal Articles
Trout KE, Rampa S, Wilson FA, Stimpson JP. (2017).  Legal Mapping Analysis of State Telehealth Reimbursement Policies. Journal of Telemedicine and e-Health. In press

Wilson, F., Rampa S., Trout, K.E., Stimpson, J. (2016). Reimbursements for Telehealth Services are likely to be Lower than Non-Telehealth Services in the United States. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare. (Accepted for publication)

Nguyen, A.T., Trout, K.E., Chen, L.W., Madison, L., Watkins, K., Watanabe-Galloway, S. (2016). Nebraska’s Rural Behavioral Health Care Workforce Distribution and Relationship between Supply and County Characteristics. Rural and Remote Health Journal. 16(2), 3645. Epub 07 April 2016.

Brindha, A. K., Murthy, S., Trout, K.E., Singh, A. K., Surapaneni, K. M., & Joshi, A. (2015). Dry eyes among information technology professionals in India. International Eye Science, 15(8), 1303-1308.

Joshi, A., Perin, D. M. P., Amadi, C., & Trout, K.E. (2015). Evaluating the usability of an interactive, bi-lingual, touchscreen-enabled breastfeeding educational programme: application of Nielson’s heuristics. Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics, 22(2), 265-274.

Shre, E. S., Trout, K.E., Singh, S. P., Singh, A. K., Mohan, S. K., & Joshi, A. (2015). Severity and clustering of menopausal symptoms among obese and nonobese postmenopausal women in India. Journal of Pharmacy and BioAllied Science. (Ahead of Print)

Vishnupriya, S., Prasad, S., Kasav, J. B., Trout, K.E., Murthy, S., Surapaneni, K. M., & Joshi, A. (2014). Water and sanitation hygiene knowledge, attitudes and practices among school settings in rural Chennai. Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, Jun 2015, 5(2), 192-200. DOI: 10.2166/washdev.2014.052.

Joshi, A., & Trout, K.E. (2014). The role of health information kiosks in diverse settings: a systematic review. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 31(4), 254-273.

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Joshi, A., Wilhelm, S., Aguirre, T., Trout, K.E., & Amadi, C. (2013). An Interactive, Bilingual Touch Screen Program to Promote Breastfeeding Among Hispanic Rural Women: Usability Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research, Research Protocols, 2(2), e47. doi:10.2196/resprot.2872.

Joshi, A., Meza, J., Costa, S., Perin, D. M. P., Trout, K.E., & Rayamajih, A. (2013). The Role of Information and Communication Technology in Community Outreach, Academic and Research Collaboration, and Education and Support Services (IT-CARES). Perspectives in Health Information Management, 10(Fall).

Joshi, A., Perin, D.P., Trout K.E., & Obaro S. (2013). Heuristic evaluation of an Interactive Surveillance System: Searching solutions for electronic health data capturing in Nigeria. Proceedings from 2nd Annual Global Healthcare Conference (GHC 2013), Singapore, July 10, 2013. doi: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC13.51

Joshi, A., & Trout, K.E. (2012, October). Heath Kiosks as an Equal Opportunity Resource for Better Health: A Systematic Review. In Global Health 2012, The First International Conference on Global Health Challenges (pp. 66-70).

Trout, K.E., & Clopton, R. E. (2012). Metronidazole Induces Gametocytogenesis In Gregarine Associations Maintained In Vitro. Journal of Parasitology, 98(3), 666-668.


Book Chapters
Trout, K.E., Chen, L.W., Deras, M., and Watanabe-Galloway, S. (2016).  “Challenges and complexities in quantifying the behavioral health workforce: Implications for tracking the behavioral health workforce in rural communities.”  In Workforce Research: Perspectives, Gender Differences and Challenges. New York, NY: Nova Science Publishers. (Provisionally accepted based on abstract; Ahead of publish)

Trout, K.E. (2016). “Retiree Benefits.” Chapter 13, In Navigating Health Insurance (primary book authors Alexis Pozen & Jim Stimpson). Jones & Bartlett Learning. (Ahead of publish)

Chen, L.W., Palm D., and Trout, K.E. (2015). “Building Community Capacity to Improve Population Health through Integrating Public Health and Health Care: Lessons Learned from the Community Health Needs Assessment Conducted by Nebraska’s Rural Hospitals.” Chapter 1, In Capacity Building: Planning, Programs, and Prospects (edited by Diane Brown). New York, NY: Nova Science Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-63483-995-2.


Policy Briefs
Wilson, F.A., Trout, K.E., Rampa, S., Stimpson, J.P. (2016). An Examination of Private Payer Reimbursements to Primary Care Providers for Healthcare Services Using Telehealth, United States 2009–2013. Washington, DC: Health Care Cost Institute. Retrieved from: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1357633X16652288#. Accessed: 01 October 2018.

Trout, K.E., Chen, L.W., Palm, D. (2015). Current State of Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) in Nebraska’s Small Rural Hospitals. Omaha, NE: Nebraska Center for Rural Health Research (PR2015-4).

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Trout, K.E., Chen, L.W., Deras, M., Watanabe-Galloway, S. (2015). The Geographic Distribution of Actively Practicing Behavioral Health Professionals in Nebraska, 2014.  (Forthcoming). Omaha, NE: Nebraska Center for Rural Health Research (PR2015-6).


Technical Reports
Watanabe-Galloway, S., Trout, K.E., Deras, M., Zaeema, N, and Chen, L.W. (2015). “Nebraska’s Behavioral Health Workforce, 2000 to 2014” A report prepared for the Nebraska Behavioral Health Education Center, published by the Nebraska Center for Rural Health Research.

Joshi A., Trout, K.E., et al. (2014).  “Building Healthy Communities through Clean Water and Hygiene Education Programs: An impact evaluation report.” A report prepared for Planet Water Foundation. (Evaluation of a school-based clean water and hygiene education program in India)

Trout, K.E. (2013). “Water and Sanitation Hygiene Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices among School Children and their Caregivers in Rural India.” A report prepared for Master of Public Health Capstone Project. Published by the College of Public Health, University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Trout, K.E. (2016). “The Impact of Electronic Health Records on Healthcare Service Delivery, Patient Safety, and Quality.” A dissertation prepared for the partial fulfillment for PhD.  Published by the University of Nebraska Medical Center.