Lisa Parriot


Lisa Parriot


Professional Studies
TJM 200
402- 872-2273

Fall 2015 Course Offerings:
CMIS 101 000A Information Systems Concepts and Applications (campus-semester)
CMIS 101 000B Information Systems Concepts and Applications (campus-semester)
CMIS 101 000C Information Systems Concepts and Applications (campus-semester)
CMIS 410 000A Web Page Development and Programming (campus-semester)
CMIS 410 049A West Page Development and Programming (online-semester)

Vitae of Lisa Parriott


Lisa began her career at Peru State College in 1997. She has held a variety of roles that include work with database management, assessment system design and teaching computer management information systems. Prior to her work at Peru State her business experience was in accounting, merchandising and inventory systems.

Lisa is a Peru State alumni; she completed the Bachelor of Science in Management and Accounting, and the Master of Science in Organizational Management.  She holds the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification which includes master certifications in Excel, Word, Access and PowerPoint software programs.

The Parriott family has been in Peru since 1865 and still own the original family farm. The Parriott family shares over 100 years of history with Peru State College as the first Parriott graduated in 1895. Lisa continues to make her home in Peru. She enjoys the outdoors and has Quarter horses and Welsh ponies. In addition to technology, she has interests in DIY projects and finance.

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