Special Awards

Special Awards for Peru State College's District History Day Contest:

Tested for Excellence Awards: Peru State College Foundation will award scholarships to all winners in the senior division, in both individual and group contests. The award is a tuition-only grant to Peru State, and grants may only be used for tuition costs of on-campus classes. The grant may not be used for early entry or online classes.

Peru State College will also have special awards, presented by local historical groups:

  • Homestead National Historical Park is awarding trophies for best individual or group entry that mentions a National Park Service site in the entry and uses 2 primary sources or photos from a National Park Service website. Submissions that mention Native American history, the prairie ecosystem, agricultural history, or immigration history will also be considered. The winning individual or group will be invited to Homestead National Historical Park for a personal tour. Winner(s) who qualify for state will also have a project development session while at the Park.
  • We Proceeded On Special Award: Presented to a Junior level individual entry or group who displays extraordinary leadership in promoting a cause or idea.  The award includes:1. A one year pass (for awardee and immediate family) to the Missouri River Basin Lewis & Clark Center in Nebraska City, NE 2. A copy of the book Undaunted Journey by Stephen Ambrose 3. A certificate
  • Michelle A Broady Award for Extraordinary Determination Phi Alpha Theta, Peru State College's History Honorary Society, is sponsoring this special award. All sponsoring teachers are encouraged to nominate one of their History Day competitors for this award no later than 1 week before the contest date by email to Dr. Jason Phillips. The members of the College's Phi Alpha Theta Society will review the nominations and make the awards presentation.
  • The Kregel Windmill Museum in Nebraska City is sponsoring a special award for the best entry on a subject dealing with machinery used in agriculture, past or present.
  • Peru Historical Foundation is sponsoring a trophy for the best entry, individual or group, focusing on a historical event/innovation in Nebraska.
  • Nebraska City Museum Association is sponsoring an award with individual trophies for the best use of a museum archive or collection (i.e. photographs, video, audio, documents, etc.)
  • Arbor Lodge is sponsoring an award for best individual entry with a topic relating to the environment and/or Nebraska. The book, It Happened in Nebraska and a one year individual Explore It All pass from Arbor Day Farm and Arbor Lodge Tree Adventure will be awarded to the winner.

For special awards at the Nebraska state contest please view their website. For special awards at the National History Day Contest please view their website.