2018 Special Award Results


Arbor Lodge Award:


The Conflict Over Food Safety Regulations,  Ella Wilson, St. John the Baptist


Mayhew Cabin Award:


The War Against Slavery, Haley Honeysuckle, Lourdes Central Catholic


Kregel Windmill Award:


Sugar Plantations: A Conflict Over Human Rights, Mia Fox and Kaelyn Monahan, St. John the Baptist


Nemaha Valley Museum Award (2)


Levi Leland Coryell: Out of the Dark and Into the Light, Vivian Gay, Ruby Bruggeman, Lourdes Central Catholic


Capital Controversy: The Fight for Nebraska's State Capital, Maggie Clark, Johnson-Brock


Peru Historical Foundation Award:


The Unexpected Nightmare: The Conflict at PSC, David Gerdes, Ryan Bohling, Johnson-Brock


Lewis and Clark We Proceeded On Award:


Lewis and Clark, Jacob Dennis, Syracuse Dunbar Avoca


Nebraska City Museum Association Award:


The Unforgiving Truth: Japanese American Conflicts During WWII, Audrey Sanfort, Johnson-Brock


Michelle A. Broady Award:


Jeremy Burr, Syracuse