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History Day 2024 Competition

February 23, 2024


Please see sidebar for past  group/individual winners

The 2024 Contest Theme - Turning Points in History
For sample topics, you may download the National History Day Themebook.
Contest Location: Peru State College Campus
Entry Fee: $10 per student
Registration Deadline: January 31, 2024
Registration Opens:
For Teachers - January 1, 2024
For Students - January 12, 2024

Students can exhibit their research in one of five different modes: paper, performance, documentary, exhibit or website. The performance, documentary or exhibit may be done as a group or an individual entry. Papers are individual entry only. Websites are both group and individual entries.

The top three winners in each entry category from the District contest are eligible for the Nebraska State History Day contest held April 1, 2023. The The National History Day Contest will be held  June 11 - 15, 2023. 

History Day competition is open to students in grades 6-8 (Junior Division) and grades 9-12 (Senior Division). Each entry needs a teacher sponsor, but does not necessarily have to be part of a class assignment. The entry deadline is January 31, 2023 and the entry fee is $10.00 per student.

For questions or more information, please contact  Dr. Jason Phillips . The Social Science faculty and Peru State College are looking forward to working with you and your students.