To Report A Campus Emergency

DIAL 911
For Nemaha County Sheriff and Peru Fire and Rescue

Dial 402-872-2411
For the Peru State College Campus Security Department

The Peru State College Campus Security Department responds to all emergencies on the Peru State College Campus. It is recommended that you save the Peru State College Campus Security Department phone number (402-872-2411) in your cell phone as one of your speed dial numbers.

Emergency Numbers

In the event of an emergency, call: 911 followed by Campus Security (402-872-2411) 

  • Nemaha County Sheriff and Peru Fire and Rescue (EMS): 911
  • Campus Security: 402-872-2411

Additional On Campus Contacts

The following on campus resources should be contacted in specific campus situations

Procedures for Calling 911

When to Call 911**:

  • When life or property is in immediate danger.
  • When you see smoke or fire.
  • When you see a crime being committed.
  • When rescue or emergency medical assistance is needed.

** Campus Security 402-872-2411 should also be notified after 911 is called
If at all possible, have another person contact Campus Security while you are on the phone with 911

911 Script:
This is (caller name) calling from (location, i.e. building, floor, landmark if outdoors).  There has been an incident which requires emergency service.  The phone number here is (_________).  The situation is (briefly explain the situation, i.e. fire, injured person, etc., in detail)


When NOT to Call 911:

  • NEVER call 911 as a joke.
  • Do not dial 911 for information, such as weather conditions, power outages or directions.

Campus Emergency Management Team
This is a supportive service which can help the college assist, plan and intervene in a crisis affecting staff and students. The Campus Emergency Management Team and their campus phone numbers are:

Communication with Campus Community

 For each emergency situation, differing modes of communication may be utilized depending upon the severity of the situation and the needs of the campus.  The Campus Emergency Management Team will determine which methods of communication will be utilized and the messaging to be communicated. 

  • The College maintains an emergency alert system called BOBCAT ALERT, powered by Omnilert emergency platform, for students, faculty and staff. This alert system has the ability to send out mass communication to individuals across campus in the event of an emergency via email, text message, or voice message.  Students, faculty and staff opt-in to this service via an online account available at  
  • A two-way radio system is operational on campus for daily use and emergency alerts. In the event of an emergency, an alert may be sent through this system with instructions for the emergency.  The following areas have access to the two-way radio system: President, VP for Administration and Finance, VP for Enrollment Management, AVP for Student Affairs, Campus Services, Campus Security, and Residence Life.
  • The College website may also be utilized in the event of an emergency on campus in an effort to keep the campus community and public informed of the situation. Look for a message at the top of the Peru State College homepage at if this method is utilized for communication.
  • The campus email system may be utilized in the event of a campus-wide evacuation or other emergency situation to maintain communication with the campus community. In the event individuals are evacuated from campus, please check your email regularly for updates on the emergency situation and information on returning to campus.

Emergency Alert System

Employees and students are strongly encouraged to register with the College’s Emergency Alert System, Omnilert in order to receive messages for school closures and emergency situations.  

Faculty and Staff:

To register, go to  Select the “Sign Up for alerts” button.  Complete the required information and accept the terms of use.  Once your information is added, select “Create an Account.”  Select your alert method(s) and save the information.  If your contact information changes, log in to your account and update your contact information.


Text bobcatalert to 79516