Medical Emergency

Illness or Accident

  • Contact Campus Security (402-872-2411) and relay the situation and location of any medical emergency.
  • Depending upon the severity of the situation, you may contact 911 followed by Campus Security (402-872-2411)
  • If it is necessary to send someone to the hospital, DO NOT transport, call 911

Defibrillator Locations:

The College has sixteen AED's (defibrillators) available currently.

Locations of AED's:

Administration – Second Floor by breakroom

Hoyt Science – First floor South hallway

Jindra Fine Arts – Lobby east wall

Library – inside Main entrance by front elevator

CATS – Front entrance by handicap lift

AV Larson – Main floor by elevator

TJ Majors - Second floor main hallway

AWAC - First Floor lobby restrooms

AWAC - Fitness Center

Student Center – Cafeteria East Wall

Security – In Vehicle or office depending on outside temperature

Performing Arts Center – Lobby east wall

Each Resident Hall has an AED located in the following locations

Morgan Hall - main lobby east wall by the Hall Director Apartment

Complex - Palmer Hall lobby

Delzell Hall - First Floor near the Hall Director Apartment

Pandemic Outbreak

If you have been informed by an individual (or you have been diagnosed yourself by a physician) that they have an unusual infectious condition, you should notify a College official such as the President, Vice Presidents, Security Officer, or Dean and encourage that individual to maintain no contact with others until the condition is no longer infectious.  Additional instructions will be provided to the individual and the campus by the appropriate College official.