Facilities Emergencies

Chemical Release

If spill fumes occur outside the campus buildings:

  • Call 911 and Campus Security (402-872-2411) to ensure emergency response personnel are aware of the spill. Campus Security will notify the President (402-872-2239) and Campus Services (402-872-2257).
  • If you see an unconscious individual and smell something or see smoke/gas that you believe could be harmful, do not approach the individual. Seek emergency assistance.
  • Keep students and staff inside.
  • Close and secure windows and doors.
  • Be prepared to evacuate the building. Follow the direction and instructions by Campus Security.

If spill fumes occur in the building:

  • Call 911 and Campus Security (402-872-2411). If you know what hazardous material is involved, please communicate this to emergency personnel.
  • Isolate the area to prevent injury or exposure.
  • If a potential fire or explosive hazard exists, evacuate the building immediately. DO NOT use exit routes near the hazardous area.
  • Evacuate to a safe area. This means a distance at least 500 feet away and upwind.
  • Do not return to the area until directed to do so by Campus Security.

Natural Gas Leak 

When a natural gas leak occurs:

  • DO NOT use any electronic item including light switches in the vicinity of a potential gas leak. This includes using a cellular or land line telephone to contact Security if you are in the vicinity of a potential gas leak.  Evacuate the area and use a phone in another location.
  • If escaping gas can be heard or the gas odor is excessively strong inside or outside of a building, notify Campus Security (402-872-2411).
  • If gas fumes are strong, evacuate the building. DO NOT use the fire alarm system or intercom to evacuate the building.
  • If the gas leak is outside, keep everyone away from the danger area until otherwise notified.
  • Do not use any sources of ignition until the leak has been checked out by the service representative or maintenance personnel.

Elevator Malfunction Entrapment

Elevator entrapment is an uncommon occurrence, but due an elevator’s mechanical nature, failure is possible. If you are trapped in an elevator:

  • Remain calm
  • Use the emergency elevator phone, alarm button or your personal cellular phone to contact Campus Security (402-872-2411).
  • Do not attempt to pry open doors.
  • Do not attempt to use the overhead escape hatch.
  • An individual from Campus Services will be dispatched to your location to resolve the failure and assist you in exiting the elevator.

If you are responding to a request for assistance from an individual trapped in an elevator:

  • Determine if the request is genuine.
  • Contact Campus Security (402-872-2411) with the location of the elevator and number of individuals trapped.
  • Make an effort to locate the elevator car by going floor to floor and listening at the door for sounds such as banging, crying, or yelling. Relay this information to Security.
  • Talk to the individual(s) inside by yelling through the door. Inform them to remain calm and not to try to escape as someone is on their way to assist them.
  • If safe to do so, remain with the individual(s) until assistance arrives.

Nuclear Emergency

In the event Cooper Nuclear Facility experiences a nuclear emergency, sirens will be utilized in the community of Peru to notify the College of the emergency. During a nuclear emergency:

  • Turn on a radio to a local radio station:
    • NOAA Weather Station Shubert, NE: KWN 41 o NOAA Weather Radio Frequency #5 (162.5 MHz) o Omaha, NE: KFAB-AM(24hrs) 1110 kHz (AM Dial) o Joseph, MO: KFEQ-AM(24hrs)  680 kHz (AM Dial)
  • Listen for instructions provided by the radio station on how to respond to the nuclear emergency. One of two scenarios may be provided: o Remain indoors – in this scenario, please ensure all doors and windows remain closed
    • Evacuate the premises – depending upon wind direction, evacuation routes will be identified by the radio station to move either north toward Nebraska City or south toward Falls City.

Power Outage

When an unplanned power outage occurs:

  • Notify Campus Security (402-872-2411).
  • If a power failure occurs during the day, vision should be satisfactory due to natural lighting in facilities
  • If a power failure occurs during the evening, emergency lighting will activate in the building. Building occupants should go to the area in the building with emergency lighting and await instructions by College officials.
  • In the event of a lengthy power outage, individuals will be directed by campus officials to emergency shelter locations with power. o The Al Wheeler Activity Center and Administration Buildings operate on an emergency power generator for these situations.
  • If the power outage is a result of severe weather, taking shelter is recommended until the power returns or you are notified by College officials that the threat is diminished.
  • When power returns, inspect your area and report any damage which may have occurred during the outage to the appropriate Supervisor, Campus Security, Maintenance, RA, Hall Director, or any Residence Life Staff (i.e. vandalism, electronic damage due to power surge, etc.)