Journey LLC

 Location: Morgan Hall

The Journey LLC is for freshman women living in Morgan Hall who are members of the TRiO-SSS program and wish to learn “How to Adult.” As a member of this community, you and your peers will learn about the transition from a high school student into a functional, independent adult in a fun and engaging way.

Through monthly activities and off-campus excursions, members will learn practical, every-day life skills such as cooking healthy (and delicious) meals, drafting and following a budget, basic car maintenance and upkeep, and searching for and applying to jobs. In addition, members will develop the skills necessary to tackle common college psychological woes such as test anxiety, home-sickness, and making new friends.

The goal of the Journey LLC is to help you transition into college, support you while at college, and prepare you for life after college.­

Acceptance into the Journey LLC is contingent upon SSS eligibility*.  To learn more about TRiO -SSS and to review the eligibility requirements, please visit How to Join .

*Common TRiO-SSS eligibility items: 1st generation college student, PELL Grant Eligible students, Student with a physical, mental, or learning disability, Academic need (broadly defined).