Career Development

Student Success Services provides individual support and advising for members to help develop and pursue career goals.  In addition, there are workshops and presentations to help students learn more about career readiness so students are prepared for the job market at graduation.  We encourage students to start early in their education to build the knowledge and skills needed for career choices and decisions. 

SSS hosts a campus club, Students Active in Leadership (SAIL), for its members to help grow leadership skills and provide community service opportunities in alignment with Peru State’s Mission Statement.

Some of the career services SSS provides:

  •  Encourage students to design their career pathway 
  •  Guide students toward career readiness
  •  Design and build a resume, cover letter, and reference page
  •  Share job search resources
  •  Develop and grow leadership skills
  •   Make available Career Workshops
  •   Support with graduate and professional school preparation          
  •   Build goals for a fulfilling professional life 
  •   Provide opportunities for community service and volunteering
  •   Explore careers and professions in your major or help select a new major
  •   Inform students of campus resources available for additional career services
  •   Enhance students' search for internships and job shadowing opportunities