Student Success Services also provides free mentoring to all new SSS members!

Mentors employed through SSS are returning Peru State College students who are also members of SSS. Our mentors provide a support system for our participants by helping incoming freshmen become oriented to Peru State College. For example, our mentors help freshmen understand the online systems myPSC and Canvas, order textbooks, apply for work-study, and purchase parking permits.

Mentors continue to work with SSS students as the years go by. In addition to their responsibilities of helping incoming freshmen, our mentors arrange social events throughout the year to facilitate SSS community interaction. Furthermore, our mentors help the SSS staff plan and chaperone the events that SSS holds throughout the year.

All new participants that are accepted into SSS are paired with an SSS mentor. If you have any questions about mentoring, please contact Amanda Downing, Student Success Mentoring Coordinator at