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College is about so much more than facts, figures, and formulas. College is also about opening your mind and expanding your horizons. It’s about considering new perspectives, finding your passion, finding adventures, and engaging in incredible discussions. It’s about growing into a well-rounded adult – the person you’re meant to become. Your college experience should consist of the most wonderful, rewarding years of your life. We want that for you, and the opportunities to make it happen are endless at Peru State.

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  • Student Life
    At Peru State, there are a variety of clubs and activities to fit your interests. If you can't find a club that fits, you can always start one!
  • 150 Years of Awesomeness
    As Nebraska's first college, we've set a standard of excellence that all other institutions in the state have had to follow. With 150 years under our belt, we've learned a thing or two about a quality education.
  • Award-Winning Education
    Peru State is recognized nationally for affordability. We believe a great college education should be financially within reach. Let us help you with the process.
  • Beautiful, Classic School Buildings
    Most of our buildings have been recently renovated, retaining their classic architecture.
  • Student Research
    Other institutions rely heavily on graduate students for research. At Peru State, our faculty use undergraduate students to assist with their research. This gives our students a unique opportunity to stand out after graduation.
  • Academic Assistance
    Every student has access to free tutoring and resources to help them every step of the way. Adjusting to college can be difficult, we're here for you.
  • 1:23 Faculty to Student Ratio
    Our class sizes are small, giving you more time to interact with faculty. At larger institutions, you're just a number. At Peru, you're our focus.
  • World-Class Music Facilities
    Our music hall is newly renovated, giving students access to the best in music production, recording and marketing.
  • Your Home Away From Home
    We want campus living to be convenient and affordable. Take a look at our housing options and see yourself at Peru State.

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