Residence Life

Campus life is an essential part of the college experience. At Peru State College, we create and maintain great communities conducive to meeting people, learning outside the classroom and effective studying.

There are numerous advantages to living on campus, with the most obvious being proximity to the College’s educational and recreational facilities. The Library, Academic Resource Center, laboratories, music practice rooms, workrooms, fitness center and campus recreational centers are only a short walk from any hall.

Residence halls provide a trained staff of excellent professionals and student staff members who provide leadership and emergency response.

The Residence Life office is located in the South Wing of the Student Center, Room 114. Hours are 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Email Residence Life or call 402-872-2246.


2021-2022 Resident Assistants 

Quaid Anthony headshot

Quaid Anthony
Senior Resident Assistant

Gustavo Brochetto headshot

Gustavo Brochetto
Resident Assistant

Camaryn Gydesen headshot

Camaryn Gydesen
Resident Assistant

Emily Oestmann headshot

Emily Oestmann
Resident Assistant

Bethany Ullman headshot

Bethany Ullman
Resident Assistant

Ryan Arnold headshot

Ryan Arnold
Resident Assistant

Mason Clobes headshot

Mason Clobes
Resident Assistant

Daniela Lagunas headshot

Daniela Lagunas
Resident Assistant

Julia Pichler headshot

Julia Pichler
Senior Resident Assistant

Marlon Warren headshot

Marlon Warren
Resident Assistant

Andrew Black Elk headshot

Andrew Black Elk
Resident Assistant

Sarah Davis-Kovarik headshot

Sarah Davis-Kovarik
Resident Assistant

Jaelynn Muhr headshot

Jaelynn Muhr
Oak Hill Apartment Manager

Gretchen Tharp headshot

Gretchen Tharp
Resident Assistant