Education in Finland and Sweden

Program designed to: Facilitate learning about two of the world’s most progressive education systems. A hands-on workshop with educators in Helsinki explains how Finland fosters educational excellence without homework or standardized tests. A school visit in Stockholm highlights how Sweden tackles key topics such as equity, assessment and engagement. Guided visits of these two stunning capitals cities also offer insights into Scandinavian history, art and contemporary culture.

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Learn and gain inspiration first-hand in Finland and Sweden, two of the world's top educators.    


  • School visits enable you to witness how Sweden’s society-wide philosophy of equality and balance stems from a deeper cultural mindset of "lagom" or just the right amount.
  • Group will Visit a local library and check out one of the best reference centers and reserves of national collections in Helsinki
  • Meet a local guide in Kuusijärvi, a popular all-season outdoor recreational center located in southern Finland 
    • Here, take a trip to a public sauna, followed by a dip in the lake, to experience an important part of Finnish culture
    • Take a short walk through the forest and cap off your afternoon with a lunch of traditional smoked salmon and sausage.
  • Overnight Ferry and Tour Stockholm with an expert local guide.  See the Vasa Ship, a well-restored 17th-century eight-level war ship that sank before even leaving its harbor

Contact Dr. Sara Westerlin at or Dr. Darolyn Seay at if you have further questions.