Parking & Traffic Regulations Quick Guide

2022/2023 School Year

All parking permit requirements can be found @

If you are a Peru State College student visiting a residence hall, you are NOT considered a visitor and should utilize the overflow parking areas.

Open parking for all valid Peru State permit holders is available at the following times:

Lot C and Lot D

Lot E, F, Hoyt Street, and behind AV Larson and TJ Majors

3:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

3:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.


Some parking lots may be closed for construction projects and other events.  If you park in a closed parking lot your vehicle is subject to being ticketed or towed without warning.

Douglas Entrance Plaza 

  • The circle drive area is designated as a drop off area only.  Any unattended vehicle will be fined or towed at the owner’s expense
  • Parking spaces at the flag plaza are visitor parking only. A valid visitor parking pass is required.

Parking is prohibited in the following areas and manner:

  1. Parking on any part of the campus which is not designated for parking purposes:
    1. Grass or Dirt Plots
    2. Sidewalks or walkways
    3. Loading/Unloading Zones
    4. Service/Emergency Vehicle Lanes
    5. On any striped lines of any color
  1. Parking or impeding the use of any parking lot drive lane
  2. Double Parking
    1. Taking two or more parking stalls
    2. Parking on or over stall line dividers
  1. Parking in a no parking zone or on stripped lines indicating a no parking zone.
  2. Parking in a lot or area other than that for which the vehicle is authorized by a valid parking permit.
  3. Parking in reserved or visitor parking stalls.
  4. Parking in a handicap parking stall without a valid state issued handicap placard.
  5. Parking in a fire lane, by a fire hydrant, or in an emergency vehicle/service vehicle, Security, or Facility Services reserved parking stall.
  6. Parked in any parking lot that is temporarily reserved or closed if not permitted under the temporary regulations.
  7. Parking in an area that has been closed by signage or being taped, roped, or barricaded off

Handicap parking spaces are available on campus and are marked with distinctive blue and white signs. Handicap parking is reserved for those individuals with a valid HCP permit/license issued by the State of Nebraska Motor Vehicles or from any state in which the vehicle is registered in.  Individuals using a HCP permit that has not been issued to them are subject to State Law and parking fines.

Parking fines

Failure to display permit properly $15.00
No Valid Permit or failure to park in a designated parking lot/area $20.00
Parking in reserved or visitor parking $30.00
Blocking driveways, parking spaces, or double parking $30.00
Parking on Grass, No Parking Areas, Striped Lines $30.00
Parking in Fire Lane or In front of a fire hydrant $40.00
Parking in a service truck/emergency vehicle only parking area $40.00
Parking in a Handicap only parking space $50.00
Removal of Wheel Lock Device:  All Past Parking Violations and $65.00
Late Payments: Fine amount plus $35.00

Vehicle Immobilization (Wheel Lock) may be used under the following circumstances:

  • Individuals, who have two or more violation notices that are delinquent
  • Individuals, who continue to violate Peru State parking regulations
  • When a vehicle is parked on campus and does not display current license plates or In-Transit tag is affixed and does not show the name and address of the current owner.

Peru State College has the authority to remove or immobilize any vehicle that is improperly parked, or is deemed a common nuisance. All costs of such removal will be the responsibility of the owner/operator.  Immobilized vehicles may be towed and held until all outstanding penalties, fees, tow charges and storage fees are paid.

Parking Appeals

  • Parking fines must be appealed within 10 days of the violation date by visiting
  • Parking Appeals are reviewed by the Security Supervisor and forwarded to the Parking Appeals Committee
  • The Appeals Committee meets at least once a month or more often if necessary
  • The Appeals Committee is made up of Campus Community Peers: Student Senate, Faculty, Support Staff, and Professional Staff
  • The decision of the Appeals Committee is final.

Contact Campus Security at 402-872-2411 if you have any parking questions.

Parking Map

Parking Permit Placement 

Regular parking permits must be permanently attached, using the adhesive on the permit, to the outside of the rear window at the lower left corner as you view the window from the rear of the car (see diagram).  

 Position A is the normal required position cars, trucks, and SUVs. 

Position B is for all vehicles with soft tops or rear window louvers  

Position C is for pickup trucks with bed enclosures.  

Vehicle showing permit placement