Parking Regulations


The following are the official Peru State College Parking Regulations.   

Parking on any part of the campus of Peru State College (PSC) is not a right; it is a privilege, available only as provided by these regulations.   

The Peru State College code of regulations for the registration, operation, possession, and use of motor vehicles by PSC students, employees, and visitors is based upon authority vested in the campus administration by the Board of Trustees of the State Colleges of Nebraska. Fines for violations of campus parking regulations may be assessed in amounts established by the campus and approved by the governing board.   

Peru State College assumes no liability for vehicles operated or parked on campus. The College assumes no responsibility for damage to or theft of vehicles or contents thereof while operated or parked on college property.  

a. Students  

  1. There will be no cost to students for their first permit because the cost of a student parking permit is built into the student fees. Cost of a replacement permit is $25.00
  2. Enrolled students who wish to request a parking permit can complete the Parking Permit Application at
  3. All past parking fines must be paid in full before a parking permit can be issued. Outstanding fines can be paid at the One Stop office located on the second floor of the CATS building.
  4. Full time Employees who are enrolled in less than 12 credit hours or in full or part time online classes must purchase a Staff Permit. Full time employees who are enrolled in 12 or more on campus credit hours may obtain a student commuter permit.
  • Only one permit type may be issued to a permit holder
  1. On campus students who have been assigned to a residence hall will only be issued a permit for the hall they are assigned to regardless of utilization of the room. On campus housing is not considered commuting.  
  2. Each vehicle may only be registered to one student or faculty/staff or Contracted staff member. If there is a sale of a vehicle, proof of that sale must be shown to Security before a new permit is issued.
  3. Any attempt to circumvent these rules and regulations may result in a fine and or the vehicle being banned from campus.

b. Faculty, Staff, and Contracted Staff  

  1. The cost for a Faculty/Staff, or Contracted Staff Permit is $25.00.
  2. Faculty and Staff will need to login into their myPSC account to purchase a parking permit. Contracted Staff may purchase their permit at the One Stop office located on the second floor of the CATS building.  
  3. In addition to purchasing the permit all persons need to complete a parking permit vehicle registration at
  4. All past parking fines must be paid in full before a parking permit can be issued. Outstanding fines can be paid at the One Stop office located on the second floor of the CATS building.
  5. Faculty and Staff may receive a permit for additional vehicles at no cost.
    1. The $25.00 fee must be paid for the first vehicle prior to receiving permits for additional vehicles.
    2. A parking permit vehicle registration must be completed for each vehicle.
    3. Only one vehicle registered to a faculty/staff may be parked on campus at any given time.
  • If two employees of the same household work on campus each employee must purchase their own permit if they each have a vehicle on campus at the same time.

a. Requirement  

  1. All motorized vehicles operated by students, faculty, staff, contractors, and visitors must be registered and have a valid parking permit, properly displayed, to park on Peru State College Campus. In addition, all motorized vehicles are required by state law to be registered either in the State of Nebraska or the vehicle owner’s state of record. (Vehicles found to be in violation may be immobilized or towed).

b.  Valid Dates  

                          Parking Permits are valid August – May each year.  

  1. Households with more than one Employee or Student:
  1. Vehicles may only be registered under one person and only for one parking permit type.

Both employees and students utilizing the same vehicle will only be able  

to park the vehicle in the lot for which it is registered to park in 

regardless of who is utilizing the vehicle.  

  1. Households that will be registering two or more vehicles and plan to have more than one vehicle on campus at a time must register each vehicle under the primary driver of that vehicle.

Only one vehicle per registered permit holder may be parked on campus at a time without obtaining a single day use permit from security.     

d. Stolen, Lost, and Replacement Permits  

Report lost or stolen permits immediately to Campus Security. You are responsible for any violations/fines that occur on your permit prior to reporting it lost or stolen. (You will still be responsible for any fines that occur on a registered vehicle regardless of if you report the permit lost or stolen)    Replacement permits are available at no charge, providing:  

  • the original permit failed to stick
  • the permit has become damaged or cannot be read
  • the registered vehicle has been sold or is no longer being used
  • You change residence halls or are approved to move off campus and are not assigned or paying for an on-campus residence.

In all cases, the old permit must be removed, and the scraps brought to the Security Office for replacement.    

If you do not return the old permit a charge of $25.00 may be charged for the replacement permit.  

Use of a parking permit that you no longer meet the criteria to have (changed residence halls) may result in a parking violation for use of an invalid permit.

e. Parking Permit Placement  

Regular parking permits must be permanently attached, using the adhesive on the permit, to the outside of the rear window at the lower left corner as you view the window from the rear of the car (see diagram).   Any and all other placements of the parking permit must be approved by the Security Supervisor.

Vehicle showing permit placement

Position A is the normal required position cars, trucks, and SUVs. Position B is for all vehicles with soft tops or rear window louvers Position C is for pickup trucks with bed enclosures.    

Peru State College will make all attempts to provide on-campus parking facilities for the exclusive use of Peru State College employees, students, and visitors.   

a. Designated Parking Areas  

                              Please Refer to the parking map for Designated Parking and Restricted Areas.  

  • Visitor Parking: (pink)
    • Douglas Entrance Plaza Parking spaces
    • Admissions visitor parking – Lot D
  • Morgan: (Purple)
    • Lot I behind Morgan Residence Hall/Student Center
    • Lot D East side of Park Ave
  • Delzell: (Orange)
    • Lots H North of Delzell Residence Hall
    • 5th street in front of the Oak Bowl and along East Lot H
  • Complex: (Blue)
    • Lot A Paved lot South of Complex
    • Lot B Gravel lot North of Complex
  • Commuter: (Red)
    • Lot C west side of Park Ave
    • Lot D east side of Park Ave
    • Lot F by AWAC
    • Oak Hill Student Housing
  • Faculty/Staff: (Green)
    • Lot C West lot on Park Avenue
    • Lot E behind library
    • Lot F by AWAC
    • Hoyt Street – Hoyt Science Building to Jindra Fine Arts Building
    • 8th Street – Behind AV Larson and TJ Majors
  • Contracted Employee: (Yellow)
    • Lot C west side of Park Ave  
    • Lot F by AWAC 

b. Overflow Parking Areas  

The issuance of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space in a specific lot or close to a specific building.   

If all parking spaces are full for your permit type, you can utilize the overflow parking lots located at:  

  • Lot A – End of lot by Baseball field (Parking area with the median)
  • Lot G – Gravel lot located at the corner of 5th and Washington
  • Jerry Joy Field House parking

c. Regular Parking Lot Closures  

All vehicles must be moved from these lots by 6 PM the night before:   

  • Home Football games - Lot F and Lot G
  • Feeding 44 2nd Friday of every month – Lot A

d. Visitor Parking  

Visitors are welcome on Peru State College Campus. Please complete the visitor parking application form in Peru. Edu/Parking.

Visitor Permits are also available at the President’s Office, Foundation Office and Campus Security Office.   

If the parking permit application is placed 24 hours in advance, Campus Security will E-mail the visitor permit to the visitor. If the visitor will be visiting within 24 hours, the permit will be available in the Security Office or the visitor can call security at 402-872-2411 when they arrive on campus. A campus security officer will bring them their permit or issue a virtual permit after taking down their vehicle information.    

  • Visitor Parking is in the circle drive at the Douglas Entrance Plaza behind the flag poles
  • Admission Visitor Parking is in lot D.

e. Long-Term Parking  

Long-Term Parking is not authorized except for On Campus Residence Hall Students.  

Students, Faculty, or Staff who are attending an off-campus event may leave their vehicle on campus in a parking lot for which they have a valid permit for or in Lot A or Lot G overflow lots.  Please contact campus security prior to leaving your vehicle on campus for an extended period.  

If you will be leaving your vehicle on campus for more than 24 hours, you must contact Campus Security for approval.    

f. Douglas Entrance Plaza (circle drive)  

The circle drive area is designated as a drop off area only. Any unattended vehicle may be fined or towed at the owner’s expense.  

Parking spaces in the Douglas Entrance Plaza are designated as visitor parking only.

g. Handicap Parking  

Handicap Parking spaces are available on campus and are marked with distinctive blue and white signs.   

Handicap parking is reserved for those individuals with a valid Handicapped Placard (HCP) issued by the State of Nebraska Motor Vehicles or from any state in which the vehicle is registered in.  

Individuals using an HCP permit that has not been issued to them are subject to  State Law Violations and Peru State College parking fines.   

A valid parking permit or visitor permit is required to park in any Handicap Parking Space.   

  • All Permit Types displaying a handicap parking placard are valid in any Handicap Parking Space on Peru State College Campus regardless of the parking permit type issued.
  • Visitors with a handicap parking placard can park in any handicap space after obtaining a visitor parking permit.

A temporary parking accommodation for an individual who has not been issued a Handicap Placard by the State of Nebraska or other issuing state may request temporary parking accommodations.  

  • Students at the Disability Services Office located in CATS
  • Faculty/Staff at Human Resources Office.

Temporary parking accommodations issued will not permit a person to park in a handicap space as all handicap spaces are regulated by State and Federal Law.  

Handicap Spaces at the east end of Lot F are considered handicap spaces only during Oak Bowl Events.  These signs will be covered and can be used by permit holders authorized to park in Lot F except on Football game days or any other event being held at the Oak Bowl.  

During Special Events on Campus some parking lots may be reserved for handicap parking only.  On Commencement Day all of Lot F is reserved for handicap parking. 

All Parking Lots on Peru State College Campus are marked with the type of permit authorized to park in the lot. Parking is reserved for those parking permits during the following times.

Lots C, D, E, F, Hoyt Street, and behind AV Larson and TJ Majors:  

Monday – Friday 7 am to 3:30 pm

Lots A, B, H, and I (Residence Hall Lots):

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Peru State College may issue parking citations or warnings for violations of any parking regulations or order.  On Peru State College Campus property or any Public Street adjacent to campus.  

Parking is prohibited in the following areas and manner:   

  1. Parking on any part of the campus which is not designated for parking purposes:
    1. Grass or Dirt Plots
    2. Sidewalks or walkways
    3. Loading/Unloading Zones
    4. Facility Services/Security parking areas
    5. On any striped lines of any color
  2. Parking or impeding the use of any parking lot drive lane
  3. Double parking
    1. Taking two or more parking stalls
    2. Parking on or over stall line dividers
  4. Parking in a no parking zone or on stripped lines indicating a no parking zone.
  5. Parking in a lot or area other than that for which the vehicle is authorized by a valid parking permit.
  6. Parking in reserved or visitor parking stalls.
  7. Parking in a handicap parking stall without a valid state issued handicap placard.
  8. Parking in a fire lane, by a fire hydrant, or in an emergency vehicle/service vehicle, Security, or Facility Services reserved parking stall.                       
  9. Parked in any parking lot that is temporarily reserved or closed if not permitted under the temporary regulations.
  10. Parking in an area that has been closed by signage or being taped, roped, or barricaded off
  11. Parking in a way that violates any permanent or temporary signage.

b. Parking Citation and Payment of Fines  

  • Notice of violation of a Parking Regulation shall be placed on the window of the vehicle and if the vehicle has a valid registered permit emailed to the registered owners Peru State College email account.

The disappearance of a parking violation or failure to receive an email does not relieve the violator from responsibility for payment.   

  • It shall be the duty of an employee or student receiving notice that they have violated a Parking regulation to pay the fee within 30 calendar days in person at the One Stop Office or file an electronic appeal within 10 calendar days of the date of the violation.
  • If the employee or student does not file an appeal within 10 calendar days or pay the fine within 30 calendar days, a $35.00 late penalty will be assessed.

c.  Responsible for Payment  

Students and Employees shall assume all responsibility for and pay all fines associated with:   

  • Violations that occur on any vehicle that their permit has been placed on even if the vehicle is not owned or operated by the registered permit holder or registered to the permit.
  • Violations that occur on any vehicle owned by a student, employee, or family member of the student/employee regardless of if the student or employee was operating or in possession of the vehicle at the time of the violation.

d. Immobilization and Towing of Vehicles  

Peru State College has the authority to remove or immobilize any vehicle that is improperly parked or is deemed a common nuisance. All costs of such removal will be the responsibility of the owner/operator.   

A vehicle may be Immobilized with a Wheel Lock without further notice for the following reasons:   

  1. Individuals, who have two or more violation notices that are delinquent and park on campus.
  2. Individuals, who continue to violate Peru State College parking regulations or are deemed a common nuisance.
  3. When a vehicle is parked on campus and does not display current valid license plates or current valid In-Transit tag
  4. When a vehicle is parked on campus without a valid parking permit and has received ONE previous violation for no valid parking permit.

 The fee for removal of the wheel lock device is $65 plus all past parking violation fines.   

If arrangements are not made with security, an immobilized vehicle may be towed and held until all outstanding penalties, fees, tow charges and storage fees are paid.   

A vehicle may be towed without further notice for:   

  1. Parking in a Handicapped spaces or blocking handicapped access.
  2. Parking in Driveways or impeding traffic flow.
  3. Parking in No-Parking areas or Closed Parking lots
  4. Parking in Tow-away zones.
  5. Parking in a Loading or Unloading zone
  6. Blocking a building access, fire lanes, or maintenance access
  7. When deemed a common nuisance.
  8. When deemed abandoned
  9. Vehicles that have been immobilized and owners have not made arrangements with Security.

Towed vehicles will be held at the Nemaha County impound lot.   

e. Parking Fines  

Failure to display permit properly  


No Valid Permit of failure to park in designated parking lot/area  


Blocking driveways, parking spaces, or double parking  


Parking on Grass, No Parking Areas, Striped Lines  


Parking in Fire Lane or Blocking a fire hydrant  


Parking in Facility Services/Security only parking spaces  


Parking in Handicap only parking spaces  


Wheel Lock: All Past Parking Violations and   


All other violations   


In addition, a $1.00 service fee will be added to each violation  

When a parking violation notice (Ticket) is not agreed to by an individual who received the notice, they have 10 calendar days from the date of the violation to file an appeal.  In order to file an appeal, you must fill out the Appeals Form located at with all fields filled in. Make sure to include your Peru State College issued email address so that a notification can be sent to you promptly after a decision is made.    

The Parking appeal form will be reviewed by the Security Supervisor and presented to the appeals board.   

a. Appeals Board  

  1. The parking appeals board is made up of college peers consisting of at least one person from each group. At least three members must be present to review and make a decision on an appeal:
    1. Student Senate Member
    2. Faculty
    3. Support Staff   
    4. Professional Staff
  1. The Security Supervisor will chair the appeals committee but does not vote on the appeals presented.   

The information presented by the Security Supervisor:  

  1. Complete Appeal as submitted (with the name removed)
  2. Copy of parking ticket issued
  3. Photo or other evidence collected by Security staff
  4. Explanation of the parking regulation(s) violated
  5. Answer any questions presented by the Appeals Board

The Appeals Board will meet at least once per month; more often if needed.   

The Parking Appeals Board decisions are final.   

At the conclusion of the hearing, the Security Supervisor will send out notification of the decision only to the Peru State College email that was provided on the appeals form. No other email address will be utilized.  If the appeal is upheld, the fine must be paid within 30 days of the date of the letter giving the appeals decision.