Admission to Teacher Education

Teacher Education Handbook The Teacher Education handbook contains the information you need to assist you with the admission to Teacher Education process.

To Apply:
Applications for admission to Teacher Education are completed in EDUC 209.

For Admission, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Cumulative GPA = 2.50 or higher
  • At least 42 credits completed
  • Complete the following courses with a final grade of C or better:
    • EDUC 208
    • EDUC 209
    • EDUC 255
    • SPED 200
    • PSYC 250
    • English Composition 101 (or ACT English score >= 26)
    • College-level Math or Stats course (or ACT math score >= 26)
  • Complete faculty panel interview (EDUC 209)
  • Complete ‘Educator Disposition Assessment Acknowledgment and Agreement’ form (EDUC 209)
  • Must have fewer than two Educator Disposition notices on file
  • Final step: After completing all items listed above, you will get an email with instructions to order a One Source Background Check.

Background Check Information
As part of your admission to Teacher Education, you are required to request a background check from One Source, a background check company.  You will be notified by email when you need to order the background check. Do not complete this until you have been notified as they are only acceptable within a specific time period. In addition, the School of Education will not accept any other background check from any other source.

In order to request the background check, you will receive an email in your Peru campus mail account with notification, instructions and a link. This process will require you to provide information about yourself that will be used to complete the background check.  Once you provide the required information and identify your choice of payment, you will read and agree to the terms of the process, as identified by One Source.

The cost to you will be approximately $28.  Once the background check is completed, you will be evaluated based on the criteria identified by the Nebraska Department of Education in Rule 20, which is verified as part of certification.

The background check will be completed by One Source and reported to the School of Education.  Should an issue arise as a result of the background check, the School of Education will contact you to discuss next steps.  If there are no issues, the School of Education will email you verifying that you have met this final requirement.

Click here for a copy of the Background Check Policy.

Provisional Enrollment E-Form is for students who have not been admitted to Teacher Education in order to apply for provisional enrollment in restricted courses. This step should only be taken when a student has no other alternative for moving forward in their education program.