Faculty & Staff

A group photo of the Education faculty and staff taken in the doorway of the TJ Majors building

First Name Last Name Title Area Location Phone Email
Heidi Jo B.BartlettInstructor of EducationSchool of EducationTJM 210 402-872-2448hbartlett@peru.edu
Dr. GinaBittnerAssociate Professor of EducationSchool of EducationTJM 204 402-872-2366gbittner@peru.edu
Dr. DwayneChismDeanSchool of EducationTJM 207 402-872-2244 dchism@peru.edu
Dr. AnthonyCitrinProfessor of EducationSchool of EducationTJM 208 402-872-2247acitrin@peru.edu
RachelCrookAssessment and Accreditation CoordinatorSchool of EducationTJM 223402-872-2258rcrook@peru.edu
Dr. VanessaDahnAdjunct Faculty of PsychologySchool of Educationonline only vdahn@peru.edu
Dr. HelaneFolske-StarlinAssistant Professor of Special EducationSchool of EducationTJM 227 402-872-2210hfolske-starlin@peru.edu
StephanieHolmesDirector of Field Experiences | Certification OfficerSchool of EducationTJM 213 402-872-2399sholmes@peru.edu
Dr. RobertIngramAssociate Professor of EducationSchool of EducationTJM 105402-872-2466ringram@peru.edu
Dr. KellyKingsleyAssociate Professor of EducationSchool of EducationTJM 205402-872-2449kkingsley@peru.edu
Dr. FrankLynottAssociate Professor of Health, Physical Education & RecreationSchool of EducationTJM 107402-872-2392flynott@peru.edu
CathyMooreOffice Assistant IISchool of EducationTJM 207402-872-2244cmoore@peru.edu
Dr. JudithRuskampProfessor of EducationSchool of EducationTJM 327402-872-2301jruskamp@peru.edu
Dr. KyleRyanProfessor of KinesiologySchool of EducationTJM 103 402-872-2263kryan@peru.edu
Dr. DarolynSeayAssociate Professor of EducationSchool of EducationTJM 206 402-872-2346dseay@peru.edu
Dr. SaraWesterlinAssistant Professor of EducationSchool of EducationTJM 211 402-872-2398swesterlin@peru.edu