Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice students working on forensic science skills

The Criminal Justice major is an interdisciplinary, social-science curriculum that is focused on the development of practical skills and knowledge for professional careers in the justice field.  Students’ studies focus on law enforcement, corrections, courts, juvenile justice, criminology, victimology, research methods to study crime, criminal and abnormal behavior, and society’s response to these dynamics.

Points of Distinction

  • Faculty members have experience in policing, corrections, parole and probation with an emphasis on a scholar-practitioner approach to instruction.
  • All courses are offered online and on campus.
  • Peru State College Kappa Omicron Rho students perform excellently at regional and national competitions of the American Criminal Justice Association Lambda Alpha Epsilon.
  • Instructional format permits students personal and extended contacts with faculty and individualized guidance throughout all coursework.
  • Each program at Peru State College is reviewed on a continual basis, and coursework is updated to meet industry standards.
  • Students completing degrees at Peru State College are prepared to attend the Nation’s top graduate schools in all program areas.
  • Adding an academic minor in a subject area outside of the major is simple at Peru State and can broaden the scope of knowledge and can improve employment prospects for any student.
  • The Law Enforcement Education Act provides to eligible law enforcement officers a waiver of one hundred percent (100%) of resident tuition, after the subtracting all other awarded federal and state financial aid grants and scholarships. More information on the Law Enforcement tuition waiver may be found here.