Deans Welcome


Dr. Paul Hinrichs, Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences


Dr. Paul Hinrichs


Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences

Welcome to Peru State College School of Arts and Sciences. We offer programs in Fine Arts, Literature and English, Mathematics, and Natural and Social Sciences. We prepare our students for a variety of careers in their field of study and provide opportunities for continuing post baccalaureate education.

Our professors are widely experienced and dedicated to enhancing every student’s experience on campus and online. We provide multiple opportunities for hands-on and real-world experience for our students. Our professors teach students how to identify, analyze, and solve problems in a variety of contexts inside of their field of study.

We are confident that you will find Peru State’s College of Arts and Sciences to be intellectual, challenging, and affordable. Our range of online and on-campus courses provides opportunities for many students to engage, inquire, discover, and innovate.

Feel free to contact the School of Arts and Sciences at 402-872-2237 or email to inquire about visits and attending Peru State College.