Academic Program: Accounting

Student Learning Goals and Outcomes

  • Students explain and apply important concepts related to the administration of business.
    • Students will be able to describe basic concepts in each major functional area of business, including economics, accounting, finance, law, marketing, production operations, organizational behavior, global issues, information management and strategic policy.
    • Students will be able to apply business concepts and theories to business situations.
  • Students use appropriate technological and quantitative tools to make and support evidence-based reasoning.
    • Students will be able to collect and interpret data that is relevant to the administration of business from a variety of systems and data structures.
    • Students will be able to create accurate and useful quantitative documents and reports.
    • Students will be able to analyze data to discover meaningful anomalies and trends.
  • Students express themselves competently and persuasively in written and verbal forms.
    • Students will be able to write well-organized and grammatically correct business documents.
    • Students will be able to design and make effective oral presentations using presentation software.
  • Students assume a leadership role and solve complex organizational problems.
    • Students will be able to identify a business problem or opportunity, assess the dynamic business environment, research historical and best practices, and formulate a variety of possible recommendations.
    • Students will be able to evaluate business recommendations using global perspectives and giving due consideration to ethical principles.

Business Administration - Accounting Option BS/BA

Accounting (Minor)