About WRAP

The goal of Writing Resources at Peru (WRAP) is to help you identify and improve your individual writing process. We can help you spend less time feeling “stuck.” When you know how to start, you might be less inclined to put that project off until tomorrow. While every assignment is different, they are all opportunities for you to apply and practice your writing process. Developing your process now will help you later when you are writing on the job.

In addition to individual appointments, WRAP offers a range of 50-minute presentations on specific writing topics. Any faculty or staff member can contact WRAP to schedule a presentation for any group of students, large or small.

·      Introduction to the Writing Process

·      How to Read and Understand a Writing Assignment

·      Tips for Creating and Organizing Content

·      Summary, Paraphrase, Quotation, Citation: Research Paper Basics

·      APA Citations

·      Editing Tips with MS Word and Grammarly

Laura French, Ph.D., is the Director of Writing Resources at Peru. She has worked as a communications consultant for a range of corporations, including Target Corporation, Ameriprise Financial Services, Wells Fargo, and St. Jude Medical. She also wrote a column on workforce development for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Laura’s experience as an undergraduate instructor includes freshman composition and literature, advertising copywriting, and introduction to public relations. She taught written communication in the full-time MBA program at the University of St. Thomas for 8 years. In addition, she’s done graduate work in English Language Learning, and she taught ELL students in Racine, Wisconsin and at Southeast Community College in Nebraska City.

The best motto for a writer: “Stay curious!”