English Language Learners

The writing process is the same whether English is your first language, your second, or your fifth. You may need some additional help in a few areas:

1.     Take extra care to make sure you understand the assignment. If you’re not sure, ask your instructor to refer you for a WRAP session.

2.     Be sure you edit your paper carefully. The Microsoft Word editing tools are great.

3.     If you use a translation tool, make sure that the English words and expressions make sense in context.  

a.     Slang or informal language is challenging. Do you want “make a killing” to be translated as “hacer una mantanza,” or “ganar una fortuna”?

b.     Reverso.net is a translation application that provides examples of the word in context, as well as synonyms.

4.     Keep practicing! The more English you hear, the more you will understand. The more English you speak, the better you will communicate.

Quick tips for working English into your day:

·      Change your phone settings to English.

·      Watch movies in English with English subtitles.

·      Focus on the vowels. When you say “hot” instead of “hat,” you aren’t mispronouncing an English word. You are pronouncing a different word correctly! That confuses your listeners. Use this video for daily practice (it’s only two minutes long!)