Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do parents/family members attend any activities with their students?
    Parents/ family members will be asked to leave after they move-in their students or by 5 pm. With the new social gathering limits, we would like to limit the number of people on campus to better meet our social gathering guidelines.
  • Where will new students eat during the weekend before classes start?
    All new students participating in Welcome Week will eat for free starting with the Thursday night dinner! All meals are provided through the dining hall. Students meal plans will begin on Sunday night starting with the College Picnic.
  • Are the weekend activities required for new students?
    Many of the events and activities over the weekend are required. Attendance will be taken at all educational sessions and the community service project. Please visit with your Top Cat Leaders and review the schedule for more information or if you should have any questions.
  • Do students who live at home and commute to campus participate in Welcome Week?
    Yes! Students who commute to campus should plan to participate fully during the activities and events. While commuter students will not stay overnight on campus, they should plan to spend a lot of time on campus with their peers during the weekend. This is a great way to get to know other students and start feeling comfortable around campus. Plus, weekend meals are free (up until the Sunday night picnic which will cost $7.00) and there are Commuter only activities on Thursday night that should not be missed.
  • What if I am a commuter and have work or other obligations during the weekend?
    Most weekend events, especially the Thursday Kick-off and Friday/Saturday sessions are required of all new students. Commuter students are encouraged to make the appropriate arrangements in order to fully participate during the weekend. Give yourself this important time to get started with all the tools you will need to be successful at Peru State College.