Co-Teaching Webinar

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 — 3:45 pm CDT

Building on their own classroom experiences, Dr. Kelly Kingsley, Dr. Judith Ruskamp and Pat Rippe will present the inaugural Peru State Webinar on co-teaching. In addition to their extensive experience, Kingsley, Ruskamp and Rippe have received additional training in the principles and value of co-teaching for teacher candidates during field experience.

Dr. Kelly Kingsley, professor of education, writes, “[The School of Education] trains our teacher candidates and their cooperating teachers, so they can co-teach during student teaching.”
The co-teaching webinar builds on the broad idea of two teachers working with a group of students together to include planning, assessment and more. The webinar will also present the research benefits of adopting various approaches to this shared experience.

Dr. Judith Ruskamp, webinar presenter

Dr. Judith Ruskamp
Dr. Judith Ruskamp is a Professor for the School of Education at Peru State College. Prior to her arrival at Peru State College in August of 2002, Ruskamp was employed for thirteen years with the Johnson-Brock Public School District as a 10-through-12-grade language arts instructor, one-act play production director and speech and drama coach.

Ruskamp received her bachelors in Secondary Education from the University of South Dakota and Masters in Secondary Education from Peru State College. She received her Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Dr. Kelly Kingsley, webinar presenter

Dr. Kelly Kingsley
Dr. Kingsley is an Assistant Professor for the School of Education at Peru State College. She started her educational career in 1988 in the Bellevue Public School District (Bellevue, Nebraska), where she taught second through sixth grades, focusing on third grade, for 26 years.

Kingsley completed her doctoral work at the University of Nebraska Lincoln as part of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate in 2012 with an emphasis in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education. Her doctoral emphasis was on word work with elementary students.

Pat Rippe, webinar presenter

Pat Rippe
Rippe has recently retired as the Director of Field Experience for the School of Education at Peru State College. Rippe served as the Director of Field Experience for most of her 18 years at Peru State. Previously she had served 14 years as an elementary teacher and special education teacher at Johnson-Brock Public Schools. Rippe started her education career as a language arts instructor at the Nebraska Center for the Education of Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired (NCECBVI).

Rippe earned her Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with an additional endorsement for Birth through 12th Grade Special Education Visual Impairment.

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