Incomplete Coursework for Military Service

To designate a student’s work in a course as incomplete at the end of a term, the instructor records the incomplete grade (I). Students may receive this grade only when serious illness, hardship, death in the immediate family, or military service during the semester in which they are registered prevents them from completing course requirements. In addition, to receive an incomplete a student must have substantially completed most of the course’s major requirements.

Unless extenuating circumstances dictate otherwise, students must initiate requests for an incomplete by filling out an Incomplete Grade Completion Contract, which requires the signature of the student, instructor, and Dean.

The Incomplete Grade Completion Contract cites the reason(s) for the incomplete and details the specific obligations the student must meet to change the incomplete to a letter grade. The date by which the student agrees to complete required work must appear in the contract. The Dean, the instructor, and the student receive signed copies of the Incomplete Grade Completion Contract. Even if the student does not enroll for additional classes at Peru State, all prior incomplete course work must be finished by the end of the subsequent semester.

If the student does not fulfill contract obligations in the allotted time, unless the Dean of Graduate Programs approves an extension, the incomplete grade automatically becomes an F. Students who have filed an application for graduation are not eligible for a grade of Incomplete.