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Located in the Center for Achievement and Transition Services, CATS Tutoring provides in-person and online peer-tutoring assistance free of charge for all enrolled students. Peer Tutors are selected based on faculty recommendation and high grade point averages, offering assistance in courses previously completed with a B grade or higher.

Mission Statement

The CATS Tutoring program is committed to providing no cost, quality academic support to all Peru State College students. The CATS Tutoring program provides in-person and online subject-based tutoring and writing assistance. The trained peer-tutoring staff seeks to foster a collaborative environment, improving course retention and long term student success.

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Tracy Davis
Educational Support & Disability Services Coordinator
CATS 102
Contact for CATS Tutoring

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Tutors employed through SSS are current Peru State College students who have met several eligibility requirements: our tutors have taken the courses they are tutoring, have demonstrated mastery in the content of those courses, are familiar with the instructors’ expectations, and have been recommended by those same instructors to become tutors.

Tutors also receive yearly training on learning styles, good study habits, problem-solving skills, and other learning strategies in order to help their peers succeed. In addition, this training program has been accredited by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

The specific tutoring availability varies from semester to semester, but the SSS tutoring service can safely be assumed to offer tutoring for many of the common introductory courses (i.e. the 100 level courses and high-enrollment 200 level courses). For more specialized 300 and 400 level courses, it would be best to contact the Student Intervention Coordinator to check availability.

SSS Tutoring

Michelle Kaiser
Student Intervention Coordinator
TRiO-Student Success Services
CATS 009
Contact for SSS Tutoring