How to Join

SSS at Peru State College is funded to support 230 students; however, federal regulations specify eligibility criteria to join SSS. The good news though is nearly two-thirds of new, incoming freshmen at Peru State College will meet the individual eligibility criteria. But, to be slightly more specific, the criteria that an individual has to meet are:

  1. The applicant must be a US Citizen OR may be a non-US-citizen who is still
    eligible for federal financial aid.
  2. In addition to the previous requirement, an applicant must fulfill AT LEAST ONE of the three criteria below:
    1. The applicant is a first-generation college student. In other words, the applicant’s custodial parent(s) did not possess a Bachelor’s degree before the applicant’s 18th birthday.
    2. The applicant has a physical or learning disability. (However, SSS itself does not verify an applicant’s disability. Instead, the applicant’s disability must be on file with the ADA coordinator at Peru State College).
    3. The applicant’s household meets the federal low-income guidelines established at this link.
  1. Strictly speaking, the previous two criteria exhaust the requirements that an individual must satisfy in order to apply to SSS. However, satisfying these criteria does not guarantee that an applicant will be accepted to SSS. SSS is only funded to support 230 students at Peru State. And, in addition to this, two-thirds of the population of SSS must consist of individuals that meet AT LEAST TWO of three sub-criteria in the previous list.

The good news though is that nearly all applicants to SSS at Peru State College get accepted. So, if you meet the first two criteria above, please fill out the application below! We look forward to seeing you!

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