Reports can be filed by the alleged victim or a third party who is aware of allegations of sexual violence or sex harassment, including other students or College employees. Reports should be filed with one of the designated College administrators and/or employees responsible for student services, as follows:

  • President
  • Vice Presidents
  • Deans
  • College Title IX Coordinator or Liaison
  • Dean of Student Life
  • Coaches and Assistant Coaches
  • Campus Security Officers
  • Residence Life Staff to include:
    • Director of Residence Life
    • Project Coordinator
    • Hall Directors
    • Resident Assistants (RA)

Please note that all individuals are required to report any situations that might be a Title IX violation to the Title IX Coordinator with the following exception:

Exception Regarding Employee Reporting: The law recognizes and protects the confidentiality of communications between a person seeking care and a medical or mental health professional. Medical or mental health professionals employed by the College (Licensed Student Counselors and Nurses) respect and protect confidential communications from students, faculty, and staff to the extent they are legally able to do so. Employees may have to breach confidence, however, when they perceive an immediate and serious threat to any person or property.


Presidents and Vice Presidents

Dan Hanson, President

Tim Borchers, Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA)

Debbie White, Vice President for Administration & Finance (VPAF)

Jesse Dorman, Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs (VPEMSA)



Gina Bittner, Interim Dean of Education

Tim Borchers, Acting Dean of Professional Studies

Paul Hinrichs, Dean of Arts & Sciences

Greg Seay, Dean of Graduate Programs


Title IX

Eulanda Cade, Title IX Coordinator

Title IX Liaison


Residence Life

Clara Edwards, Assistant Director of Residence Life

Crystal Hutson, Centennial Complex/Director – Student Activities and Programs

Adam Neveau, Director of Residence Life

Matt Thielen, Dean of Student Life



Joan Albury, Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Wayne Albury, Athletics Director/Head Baseball Coach

James Cole, Head Cross Country Coach

Brooke Earnest, Head Cheer Coach

Laurie Felderman, Head Volleyball Coach

Ted Harshbarger, Associate Athletic Director/Sports Information Director

Ian Holleran, Women’s/JV Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach

Reggie Kindle, Men’s/JV Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach

Robert Ludwig, Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Brenda Lutz, Athletics Project Coordinator

Brian Maher, Football Coaching Assistant

Sue Owen, Head Golf Coach

DeOn’tae Pannell, Football Defensive Coordinator

Madison Peters, Volleyball/JV Volleyball Assistant Coach

Jeff Reed, Football Coaching Assistant

Jeni Seitz, Assistant Women’s Bowling Coach

Nathan Seitz, Assistant Men’s Bowling Coach

JL Thomason, Head Softball Coach

Lou Varley, Football Coaching Assistant


Campus Security

Tim Robertson, Security Supervisor

April Ascheman Security Officer II

Any Security Officer