Teaching Excellence Award

The Nebraska State College System recognizes the central importance of teaching to the mission of serving our students, communities, and Nebraska by providing high quality, accessible educational opportunities.

To recognize and foster excellence in teaching across all disciplines at all NSCS colleges, each year a faculty member within the college system is awarded the Teaching Excellence Award by the Board of Trustees. The award is given in recognition of superior teaching, innovative instructional practice, high educational standards, creation of productive learning environments, and the ability to inspire and motivate students. A faculty member who is held in the highest esteem by colleagues and students is nominated from each college and a single recipient is selected by the Board.

Past award recipients have had a record of outstanding teaching, a strong commitment to impacting student learning, fostering the academic success of students, and strong evidence for community service.

Nomination Information

Nominations of faculty are due to the Vice President for Academic Affairs by Monday, September 30th using the nomination form below. All full-time faculty with a minimum of four years continuous employment at a Nebraska State College and teaching a minimum of 15 credit hours during the academic year shall be considered eligible for nomination for the Nebraska State College System Teaching Excellence Award.

Previous award recipients would be eligible after 7 years from the year they last received the award. Previous award winners are eligible to apply if they they received the award no later than 2015. The following current Peru State College faculty members would not be eligible since they have recently received the award: Rich Clopton, Kristi Nies, Dennis Welsh, Matt Hill, Darolyn Seay and Gul Ahmad.

A faculty member may be nominated for the award by other faculty members, students, alumni or academic administrators. A faculty member may not be nominated by a relative, spouse or significant other, or place his/her own name in for nomination.

If you have questions, please contact the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Peru State College Teaching Excellence Recipients

Dr. Robert Ingram, 2022, Associate Professor of Education (State Award Winner)
Dr. Gul Ahmad, 2021, Associate Professor of Biology (State Award Winner)
Dr. Darolyn Seay, 2020, Associate Professor of Education
Dr. Matt Hill, 2019, Assistant Professor of Music
Dr. Dennis Welsh, 2018, Professor of Biochemistry
Dr. Kristi Nies, 2017, Assistant Professor of English
Dr. Kelly Asmussen, 2016, Professor of Criminal Justice
Dr. Richard Clopton, 2015, Professor of Biology
Dr. Kyle Ryan, 2014, Associate Professor of Exercise Science
Dr. Sheri Grotrian, 2013, Associate Professor of Business
Dr. Thomas Ediger, 2012, Professor of Music
Dr. Christy Hutchison, 2011, Associate Professor of Business (State Award Winner)
Dr. Greg Galardi, 2010, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice (State Award Winner)
Dr. Michael Barger, 2009, Associate Professor of Biology (State Award Winner)
Dr. James Nevitt, 2008, Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Judith Ruskamp, 2007, Assistant Professor of Education
Dr. Bruce Batterson, 2006, Associate Professor of Business
Dr. Judy Grotrian, 2005, Associate Professor of Business
Dr. Richard Clopton, 2004, Associate Professor of Biology
Mr. Kenneth Anderson, 2003, Professor of Art
Dr. Sara Crook, 2002, Associate Professor of Social Science (State Award Winner)
Dr. William Snyder, 2001, Professor of Business
Dr. Daniel Holtz, 2000, Professor of English (State Award Winner)
Dr. Thomas Ediger, 1999, Professor of Music
Dr. William Clemente, 1998, Associate Professor of English
Dr. Joel Lundak, 1997, Associate Professor of Psychology
Dr. Dan Cox, 1996, Associate Professor of Psychology (State Award Winner)
Dr. Larry Pappas, 1995,  Professor of Biology
Dr. Thomas Ediger, 1994, Professor of Music
Dr. Carol Pappas, 1992, Assistant Professor of Natural Science (State Award Winner)

Past State Award Winners