Parent/Guest Access (FERPA)


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records and prohibits schools from releasing student education records without the consent of eligible students. FERPA allows students the right to restrict the release of certain student information to non-university entities by enacting a FERPA hold. This hold will prohibit the release of information to potential employers, local newspapers, etc. Once a restriction has been placed, no information (degree, graduation dates, etc) on the student can be verified or released by the College.

How to Enact/Update a FERPA Hold

You can enact/update a FERPA Restriction through your myPSC account.

  • Log in to myPSC
  • Select "Home" from the left side drop down menu
  • Select “FERPA Restrictions” under the FERPA section
  • Select “Restrict All Fields” or “Release All Restrictions”

FERPA Hold Implications


  • Announcements of honors/awards
  • Employer verification of degree information
  • Name being printed in commencement program
  • Communications from businesses
  • Communications from PSC Student Organizations


  • Communications between PSC Departments and Offices

Parent/Guest Access

We understand that many students wish to share information with their parents and family members, so we have created a method that allows students to provide third party access to this information. Up to five (5) parent/guest accounts can be created with unique access options.

Students can authorize another person, such as a parent or guardian, to view specific types of personal information in the Student Information System (SIS) through a Guest Account. In addition, a student can allow the guest to have online access, in-person access, or both. In-person access refers to in person, phone or email communication with campus personnel through the use of a shared secret key word or phrase. The following are descriptions of the types of access a student can grant the guest.

Online Access Descriptions:

  • Financial Aid (View financial aid and student to-do lists)
  • Personal Information (View addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, student to-do lists)
  • Student Accounts (View and pay bills, view account history and 1098T forms)
  • Student Records (View class schedules and grades)

In-Person Access Descriptions:

  • Academic (In person/phone email conversations about final grades, classes, GPA, advising, transfer work, etc.)
  • Financial Aid (In person/phone email conversations about all financial aid)
  • Personal Information (In person/phone email conversations about admissions, biographical data, addresses, pictures, holds, status, disciplinary records, etc.)
  • Student Accounts (In person/phone email conversations about tuition, fees, payment, collections, etc.)
  • Student Records (In person/phone email conversations about admissions, biographical data, addresses, pictures, holds, status, disciplinary records, etc.)

Learn how to add guest/parent access .

Students can also sign a Release of Information form by contacting the Student Records Office at for a form.