Student Learning Outcomes

  1. A baccalaureate-level mastery of scientific vocabulary and concepts appropriate to their major discipline of study.
  2. The ability to utilize the scientific method in problem solving.
  3. The ability to critically evaluate scientific ideas and data and incorporate new information in a synthetic context.
  4. An ability and proclivity for life-long learning.

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The full listing of Teacher Education options, beyond Biology (7-12) Subject Endorsement, Chemistry (7-12) Subject Endorsement and Science (7-12) Field Endorsement, can be found under the Teacher Education option in the left hand menu.

Biochemical Science

Biological Science

Disease and Human Health

Nuclear Technology

Wildlife Ecology

Biology (7-12) Subject Endorsement

Chemistry (7-12) Subject Endorsement

Science (7-12) Field Endorsement

Biology (Minor)

Chemistry (Minor)