Peru State College Department of Music emphasizes the training of future music educators. However, students can also obtain degrees in performance and music marketing. An endorsement in elementary music education and a community music/private studio option is also available.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To prepare undergraduates for successful careers in music education, performance and music business.
  2. To provide equitable access to the music programs for the diverse constituents of southeast Nebraska and the region as well as the rest of the state and the four-state region.
  3. To develop musical skills in all participating students, both individually, and through ensemble experiences.
  4. To promote high-quality cultural and aesthetic experiences, both individually, and through ensemble experiences.
  5. To support the mission of Peru State College.

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The full listing of Teacher Education options, beyond Music (K-12) Vocal/Instrumental Education, can be found under the Teacher Education option in the left hand menu.

Community Music and Private Studio

Music Marketing

Music Performance

Music (K-12) Vocal/Instrumental Education Field Endorsement

Music (Minor)