The goal of the Intramural Program is to provide an opportunity for each person at Peru State College to participate in their favorite type of competitive sports or activities.

Participation Disclaimer
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Intramurals is now managed using imleagues on the Bobcat Life App.  To sign-up to play an Intramural Sport — Download the Bobcat Life App, visit the IM sign-up tab and create an imleagues account.


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Spring 2019 Sports: Basketball, NCAA Bracket, Indoor Volleyball, Bowling, Kickball

Sand Volleyball

Registration Opens: 8/17/18

Team Registration Closes: 8/24/18

League & Playoffs : 8/28-9/25


Slo-Pitch Softball

Registration Opens: 9/17/18

Team Registration Closes: 9/24/18

League & Playoffs : 9/27-9/30

Outdoor Soccer

Registration Opens: 10/1/18

Team Registration Closes: 10/5/18

Tournament & Playoffs : 10/8-10/10

Flag Football

Registration Opens: 10/8/18

Team Registration Closes: 10/12/18

League & Playoffs : 10/16-10/28


Registration Opens: 10/29/18

Registration Closes:11/2/18

League & Playoffs: 11/4-11/8


Registration Opens: 11/12/18

Registration Closes:11/16/18

Tournament: 11/30/18

Bowling Tournament

2018 Bowling Tournament Champions

OG I-80 2017 Champions


2018 Women's Basketball Champions

Lebrontourage 2018 Women’s Champions

Men's Intramural Basketball Champions 2018

It’s Lite 2018 Men’s Champions

Indoor Volleyball

IM indoor volleyball 2018 champions

Spikological Warfare 2018 Champions


NCAA March Madness Bracket

Brenda Lutz (NCAA Men's Bracket Champion) and Ted Harshbarger (NCAA Women's Bracket Champion) holding t-shirts for winning the March Madness Bracket Championship

Brenda Lutz NCAA Men’s Bracket Champion & Ted Harshbarger NCAA Women’s Bracket Champion

Health & Physical Examinations

The Intramural Department cannot assume responsibility for injury incurred

during participation in any of the scheduled activities and sports.