The goal of the Intramural Program is to provide an opportunity for each person at Peru State College to participate in their favorite type of competitive sports or activities.

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Intramurals are now managed using IMLeagues.  To sign-up to play an Intramural Sport — Visit

or Click on the Apple App Store or Google Play icon below to download the IMLeagues app.

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Meet the Team:

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Fall Sports

Registration for ALL Spring Sports opens Aug. 17th.

Sign-up on

4 on 4 Sand Volleyball

Registration Closes: August 28th @ 5pm

Season: Aug. 31 - Sept. 17

Board Games & Card Games

Registration Closes: September 9th @ 5pm

Season: Sept. 13 - Sept. 16


Registration Closes: October 2nd @ 5pm

Season: Oct. 5 - Oct. 15

Soccer Goal Kick Competition

Registration Closes: October 28th @ 5pm

Season: Nov. 1 - Nov. 2

FIFA Tournament

Registration Closes: November 4th @ 5pm

Season: Nov. 8 - Nov. 11

Madden Tournament

Registration Closes: November 11th @ 5pm

Season: Nov. 15 - Nov. 18

Spring Sports

Registration for ALL Spring Sports opens Jan. 11th.

Sign-up on

Men's Basketball 3 Point Contest

Registration Closes: January 15th @ 5pm

Season: Jan. 19 - Jan. 28

Women's Basketball 3 Point Contest

Registration Closes: January 15th @ 5pm

Season: Jan. 19 - Jan. 28

Basketball CoRec Shooting Contest

Registration Closes: February 3rd @ 5pm

Season: Feb. 8 - Feb. 18

Mario Kart Race

Registration Closes: February 17th @ 5pm

Season: Feb. 21 - Feb. 25

Indoor 4 on 4 Volleyball*

Registration Closes: March 5th @ 5pm

Season: Mar. 16 - Mar. 31

*Champions will be invited to an extramural tournament against other colleges

Ultimate Frisbee Moving Target Competition

Registration Closes: April 7th @ 5pm

Season: Apr. 11 - Apr. 15
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Health & Physical Examinations

The Intramural Department cannot assume responsibility for injury incurred

during participation in any of the scheduled activities and sports.