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Overview:  Renovation of the 1939 three-story, Gothic-styled dormitory will include a complete remodel of the currently non air-conditioned, all-male residence hall. The completed facility will feature  refurbished rooms with new sinks, cabinetry, paint, carpet, new windows and sound reduction between rooms. An elevator will provide ADA accessibility. New building amenities will include a community kitchen, improved HVAC (to include AC) and community rooms. Major renovation features will include a complete remodel of the restroom/shower rooms, a new electrical system to accommodate information technology requirements and a new mechanical system which will incorporate a geothermal well field (for energy efficient heating and cooling) and enhanced security features. The $9.9 million project is slated to be completed in time for an August 2017 occupancy.

Project Team:

  • Architect:  Jackson-Jackson & Associates, Inc.
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineer:  Alvine Engineering
  • Interior Design:  ie.Design
  • General Contractor:  F&B Constructors, Inc.


August 2017 Completion

As August begins, all of the hard work is ending. It has been quite a year for Delzell Hall and over the last year we have watched rooms torn out, an elevator added, walls and floors constructed, new roof, new building-wide fire suppression system, bathrooms updated magnificently, sheetrock, plaster, paint, carpet, more paint, new wiring, lighting, AC ADDED, the geothermal well field has been asphalted…the list goes on and on. Now, what remains is a completely different space. Finishing touches are rapidly coming to completion, and Delzell will welcome its first new residents 8/6/17. The young men moving into Delzell will have beautifully finished rooms complete with desks, chairs, dressers, and stackable beds with reversible mattresses. The lounge areas are comfortable with new furnishings and wall-mounted flat screen TV’s. The Great Hall has had all of the woodwork refinished, flooring replaced, new lights and the original hanging fixtures have been modernized with new wiring and outfitted with LED Edison bulbs.

Words alone cannot describe the changes in Delzell. Please enjoy the photos below and, as always, clicking on a photo with open and enlargement.
Photos by Tereza Kamenar

The Great Hall and Game Rooms have changed quite a bit.

The original lighting that was removed has been rewired and rehung.

LED Edison bulbs have been used to give an original-era feel to the fixtures.

Sound suppression “clouds” and can lighting have also been added.

Era-appropriate sconces have been added to the fireplace.

Two of the Campus Services Custodians worked hard scrubbing years of soot off of the now gas fireplace.

Just add furniture, et voila! A beautiful new Great Hall.

Fun new furniture in comfortable groupings makes the Great Hall an inviting place.

New signage has been added throughout the building.

The bright new furniture livens up the Game Room!

A screen and projector take the place of a TV in the Game Room.

The elevator alcoves also have comfortable seating.

Each of the two lounges is equipped with microwave, sink, television and new furniture.

New seating areas can be found throughout the building in a variety of colors and patterns!

The new elevator is currently sporting blue padding to protect the walls while everyone moves in.

Here is what the walls actually look like.

The floor is the same carpet as in the building entryways. It is designed as a walk-off mat that brushes off dirt and debris that sticks to shoes.

Here is the same Interface carpet as in the elevator. The stiff scrubber monofilaments trap dirt which is easily vacuumed later.

The terrazzo flooring in the building has also been repaired and refinished.

In the elevator alcoves large tack boards have been added. They look just like the new plaster!


Tack boards have also been added in the hallways and in the lounges.

The stairwells have had a splash of color added.

The new room signs have tack boards as well.

The new hallways look quite beautiful.

The new bedrooms have beds, desks, dressers and chairs in them.

The mattresses on the beds are reversible: soft on one side, firmer on the other!

Air Conditioning!

The new ADA accessible bathroom is bright and fresh.

The main floor kitchen has been updated and new signage installed.


One of the final parts of the Delzell project was the laying of new sod.

Delzell now has a beautiful lawn.

The parking lot was resurfaced, covering the geo-thermal well field.

The lines were painted and access to the well field is still available thanks to the vault (seen here where the electrician from HACO is working).


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