Facility Services


Facility Services Office Hours

8 AM – 5 PM

Custodial Hours

6 AM – 3 PM

General Shop Hours

7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

(Electrical, Carpentry, Paint, HVAC, Grounds, Motor Pool)


About Us

The office of Facility Services includes the following departments: Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance and Mail Room. These departments are responsible for all facilities and the environment including new construction and renovation on campus, maintenance and repair of facilities, daily cleaning of all campus buildings, maintenance of the College’s landscaped areas and  athletic fields, care and allocation of the school’s vehicles and daily distribution of the student and campus mail.

Our mission is to serve the college community through excellence in facilities management, service advancement and environmental stewardship. We will accomplish this by aligning our goals with those of the College at-large and by implementing “best practices” to provide a healthy, safe and engaging atmosphere that supports the diverse needs of the college community while ensuring fiscal feasibility.


Peru State College Pollinator Garden

Two years ago, members of the Peru State College Facility Services department, in conjunction with the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, worked to create a pollinator garden. The garden is located on the south side of the Student Center, lower level.

But, what is a pollinator garden and why is it important?

Firstly, a pollinator is an insect, bird or even a bat, who plays a vital role in the reproduction of flowering plants. As bees, butterflies and other animals visit plants to gather nectar for themselves, they carry pollen from one plant to another which fertilizes it and produces fruit and seeds. Believe it or not, these animals help pollinate over 75% of our flowering plants, and almost 75% of our food crops!

Why is a pollinator garden important? A recent study of the status of North American pollinators, including honeybees, shows a declining population. Loss of habitat for wild pollinators contributes to the population decline. Ergo, the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum encourages the establishing of pollinator gardens to revitalize the population.

Without pollinators, many fruits and nuts would disappear. Imagine a world without chocolate and coffee!

Members of the Peru State College Women’s Basket Ball team recently helped with the upkeep of the pollinator garden. They weeded, trimmed plants, and turned mulch so our pollinators have a nice feeding/living environment.

Thank you ladies!



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