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The office of Facility Services includes the following departments: Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance and Mail Room. These departments are responsible for all facilities and the environment including new construction and renovation on campus, maintenance and repair of facilities, daily cleaning of all campus buildings, maintenance of the College’s landscaped areas and  athletic fields, care and allocation of the school’s vehicles and daily distribution of the student and campus mail.

Our mission is to serve the college community through excellence in facilities management, service advancement and environmental stewardship. We will accomplish this by aligning our goals with those of the College at-large and by implementing “best practices” to provide a healthy, safe and engaging atmosphere that supports the diverse needs of the college community while ensuring fiscal feasibility.


Wilbur F. Hoyt Mural Installed

By Tereza Kamenar

Installation of the first mural created by Images in Brick for the new Theatre/Events Center is complete. The mural depicts Professor Wilbur F. Hoyt, for whom the Hoyt Science Building is named.

Mr. Hoyt was the long-time head of the Science department on campus, and wrote the textbook Principles, Problems and Methods of Elementary Chemistry. After WWI, Professor Hoyt was a believer that the adjustment to modern times and changing attitudes produced a need for education in the sciences fields. “This is eminently the age of science and preeminently the age of chemistry, without which modern civilization and 20th century industry cannot live and move. Chemistry is fundamental and underlies all other sciences, touches every phase of human life and energizes almost every industrial activity.”–Professor Wilbur F. Hoyt

Therefore, it is fitting that the first of two murals to be installed is that of Professor Hoyt and his telescope. The mural, seen in the photos below, took three days to install. Jay Tschetter, the artist, along with John Horn and Greg Znamenacek did an outstanding job making sure the mural is perfect. After the installation of the second mural is complete, Mr. Tschetter will come back to finish the cleanup and caulking of both.

I was fortunate enough to watch some of the installation up close, and have great respect for the work involved. I was interested to see how the mural was fastened to the wall of the theatre, and how the bricks were laid and kept level. Again, as you can see in the photos, straps were screwed to the bricks and the wall of the building, and a level and chalk line were utilized. Also of interest, each brick is scored with the mural ID (N or S), the row the brick belongs in, and the number of where it belongs. At the end of the three days, as Jay fitted the last brick, it was amazing to see how well everything came together and fit perfectly.

Thank you to Chuck Murphy from Facility Services for helping with some of the photos, and for my lift into the air!  In addition, thank you Hannah Cook for helping me research Mr. Hoyt.

Please enjoy the photos.


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