Southeast Nebraska Teacher Academy (SENTA)

Southeast Nebraska Teacher Academy (SENTA) is a partnership among Peru State College (PSC), Educational Service Unit 4 (ESU #4), and the school districts in the ESU #4 region. This partnership allows individuals who qualify for a local substitute teaching permit to obtain a SENTA substitute certificate issued by the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE), making them eligible to substitute teach at all schools within the ESU #4 region. SENTA is the Local Substitute Permit partnership with ESU #4.

Program Details

Participants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for this program:

● A minimum of 60 hours of college coursework successfully completed
● Completion of a Professional Education Course
● Completion of the Human Relations Training Requirement

What Is It?

● A one credit course designed for Junior/Senior level students interested in becoming substitute teachers in Nebraska Educational Service Unit #4 (ESU #4) school districts.
● The opportunity to pay for one local substitute teaching permit that will allow you to substitute teach in multiple school districts in ESU #4.
● An opportunity to gain exposure to real classroom experiences.
● A chance to develop professional dispositions and interactions with experienced classroom teachers.
● A platform to introduce your professional teaching skills to a wide variety of school districts while serving K-12 students.
● Professional development through “on the job” experiences with classroom management and organizational strategies that will help you become an exemplary teacher!

Who Should Apply?

● Teacher candidates fully admitted to the Peru State College Teacher Education program.
● Teacher candidates with a minimum of 60 hours of completed college coursework.
● Teacher Candidates with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher (Current PSC students).
Individuals who meet the local state sub requirements.
● Teacher Candidates with no School of Education professional disposition deficiencies.
● Teacher Candidates at Peru State College with a burning desire to learn more about becoming an excellent classroom teacher!

If I Meet the Above Qualifications, How Should I Apply?

Complete and submit application packet to the School of Education. This packet includes:
● Online application- click here and complete the application. Once you hit the “submit” button, your application will be sent to the School of Education
● Contract Form – A signed contract is required. The contract form is attached to the email you received or may be picked up in TJ Majors 207 (Education Office).

There are three ways to submit your signed contract:

● Scanned and uploaded with your e-form (preferred)
● Scanned and emailed (subject line “SENTA”) to:
● Paper copy dropped off or mailed to the following:

School of Education Office
TJ Majors 207
Peru State College
600 Hoyt Street
P.O. Box 10
Peru, NE 68421-0010

Cost & Other Information:

Tuition cost of one credit class (EDUC 320) for 2019-2020 is approximately $250.
You will need to request your college transcript for submission to NDE: Cost varies
At your first class meeting for EDUC 320, you will need to submit *payment for the following:
● Substitute permit **Nebraska Resident: $55
● Substitute permit Nebraska Non-Resident: $105
● A single day of substitute teaching will recover the cost of your NDE application fees. Local substitute teaching rates range from $90 to $139 per full day.

*payments for these fees will be made through Peru State College
**Nebraska Resident definition: Must have maintained residency in Nebraska for five continuous years. If you are not a Nebraska resident, fingerprints are required by NDE. This processing fee is the additional $50 that is added to the $55 permit fee above.

  • Kiley Guerue

    EDUC 320- Substitute Teaching

    I felt that this class really prepared me on how to be a good substitute teacher. Before this class the thought of subbing made me nervous because it’s not easy to take over someone else’s classroom for the day. I wasn’t sure what to do when there is spare time and I was worried about not being able to follow the teachers notes correctly. This class took away all my worries about subbing. It provided me with many strategies to take with me and assist me while I sub. I now have a wide variety of activities I can do with the students as time fillers, before lunch, or at the end of the school day. I also know what to do if the teachers notes are not clear enough for me to follow. Use the students and ask them questions about things you don’t know; most likely every class will have a student willing to help out. I created a sub note that I can leave for the teacher about how the day went. On my sub note I included Behavior, Attendance, and a Daily Reflection. It is important to leave the teacher a good note and explain things that got done or did not get done in the classroom that day. I also created business cards to leave for the teacher that had my name and contact information in case the teacher wants me to sub for them again. In this class I also packed a sub bag, a bag that I can take with me while I sub that has all of the stuff I have mentioned in it and more! Prizes and stickers for students to reward them or just for fun, flash cards, and other games as well. Most importantly I learned that it is important to be prepared as a sub. You are entering a class this is not your own and that has a routine and certain ways of doing things. Having a sub is hard for students too sometimes, so it’s important to remember that. You must be prepared as a substitute teacher for down time and have fun time fillers for the students to engage in. Follow the instructions the teachers leaves, and try to get through everything they have listed, this will increase the chances of them asking for you to sub for them again.

For More Information Contact:

Brandy VanDerKamp
Project Coordinator
TJM 205
Stephanie Holmes
Director of Field Experiences | Certification Officer
TJM 213
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