Safety Committee

The goal of the Peru State College Safety Committee is to maintain a safety process that actively involves all students and employees in identifying, preventing and correcting campus safety issues to reduce accidents and injuries. The Safety Committee aims at maintaining a safe campus environment through safety awareness, open communication, and encouraging individuals to look out for and note safety concerns/issues and forward those concerns to the Security Supervisor or any other committee member.

In addition to this primary goal, the Safety Committee encourages all of the campus community to participate in the safety process for the betterment of all concerned. In carrying out its primary goal, the committee is committed to three basic principles.

  • Help to formulate and disseminate policies, practices, and procedures that promote health and safety.
  • Act as a problem-solving group to help with the identification and control of hazards.
  • Help to resolve health and safety issues.

The Safety Committee meets on a regular basis to go over safety concerns and ways to mitigate or resolve the current safety issues on campus. The committee is chaired by the Security Supervisor and involves students, faculty, and staff which are appointed annually by the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs.




Minutes Archive 2014-2021