Peru State College acknowledges that there are students that desire to live within the local community safely and in a responsible manner. As such, a student can seek an “independent student” status as long as (s/he) meets at least one qualification of the policy. Additionally, students must seek and receive approval from the Office of Residence Life in order to live off-campus or commute within the given parameters by completing the Housing Status Change Request form. The Request form must be submitted annually.

In order to receive approval to live off-campus, students must attend a professional development session or complete an assigned online module (more information provided upon submission of form to the Residence Life Office).


An independent living student is a student who meets at least one of following criteria by August 15th (Fall enrollees) or December 15th (Spring):

  • The student is living locally with parent(s) or a legal guardian(s) permanent residence within a fifty (50) mile radius. (Court documentation required for legal guardian.)
  • Student is married
  • Student has a minor child(ren)
  • Student teaching
  • Student has met the 2 year (4 semesters) residency requirement
  • Student is 21 years or older.
  • Student enrolled in 100% online classes


Acceptable reasons for mid-year cancellation:

  • Change in Family Status (marriage or children)
  • Graduation
  • Student Teaching
  • Call to Active Military Service
  • Other requests may be considered with supporting documentation submitted to the Office of Residence Life
  • Transfer to another institution (documentation required)


If you meet at least one of the above criteria by the first day of classes for fall or spring semester:

  • Complete the Housing Status Change Request form and submit it for approval by August 15th (Fall semester) or December 15th (Spring semester).
  • A decision will be sent to your College provided email account.

Late Independent Living Request

The Office of Residence Life may approve a request after the deadline based on supported conditions. Any approvals will be subject to appropriate College related fees.

Special Note:

  • New students who have applied for admittance after August 15th or December 15th (when applicable) must submit the Housing Status Change Request form by the first day of classes or will be subject to the housing contract cancellation fee of $150*.
  • Students not meeting the above criteria will need to meet the on-campus residency requirement. Additionally, if a student’s residency situation changes, the student must notify the Office of Residence Life or they may be subject to meet the on-campus residency requirement and pay all associated charges.
  • Students must update/renew their status each academic year.

For questions please contact the Office of Residence Life at 402-872-2246 or

*Fee subject to change by NSCS