MINOR: Psychology

Course Descriptions:

PSYC 121 | Introduction to Psychology (3 credit hours)
This course is a general introduction to contemporary psychology focusing on basic concepts, principles, terminology, trends in psychological research, and the application of this knowledge.
General Studies Outcome: Methods of Inq & Explanatory Schema - Soc Science

PSYC 250 | Human Growth and Development (3 credit hours)
This course focuses on the physical, cognitive, social and emotional aspects of growth from birth through old age. In addition, factors thought to influence this growth are also examined.

PSYC 305 | Social Psychology (3 credit hours)
This course focuses on the effects of culture, society, social institutions, and social learning on the social attitudes and behavior of individuals within groups.

PSYC 320 | Cognitive Psychology (3 credit hours)
This course provides students with broad coverage of the field of Cognitive Psychology, covering topics such as Cognitive Neuroscience, Attention, Memory Structures, Memory Errors, Imagery, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Decision Making.

PSYC 345 | Psychology of Personality (3 credit hours)
This course focuses on the process of personality growth and adjustment. Through an examination of elected theoretical systems, different interpretations of this process are presented. Non-Western and multicultural considerations of personality theory are included.

PSYC 431 | Psychological Tests and Measurements (3 credit hours)
The course focuses on the issues and problems associated with psychological testing. Topics discussed include reliability, validity, construction, administration, norms, and interpretation as well as a survey of current psychological tests.

PSYC 450 | Abnormal Psychology (3 credit hours)
Focusing on personality disorders, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, this course deals extensively with DSM-IV categories of abnormal psychology.