Speech Course Descriptions

SPCH 152 (3 cr hrs)

Fundamentals of Speech

This course is a study of the principles of speech with an emphasis on the development of oral skills. Class emphasizes methods of organization and delivery for addressing various audiences.

General Studies Outcome:           Collegiate Skills - Effective Communication


SPCH 300 (3 cr hrs)

Summer Theatre Workshop

This course offers practical training in all aspects of theatre production including acting, set design, lighting, costuming, make-up, improvisation, music, and dancing.

General Studies Outcome:            Perspectives on Values, Thought, & Aesthetics


SPCH 357 (3 cr hrs)

Interpretive Reading

This course is designed to emphasize oral reading of worth-while literature in group settings. It includes the close, critical analysis of practice selections as well as the study and practice of basic delivery techniques. This course is dual listed as ENG 357.

General Studies Outcome:           Perspectives on Values, Thought, & Aesthetics