Journalism Course Descriptions

JOUR 100 | Introduction to Mass Communications (3 credit hours)
This course presents the nature, function, and responsibilities of communications agencies, including newspapers, radio and television, film, and advertising; the services that the mass media perform for society.

JOUR 232 | Social Media Theory & Practice (3 credit hours)
This class provides an overview of and introduction to current social media networks, and the theories used to analyze those networks and how they are used. This class also emphasizes media literacy as an integral tool in the critical understanding and analysis of social media networks.
General Studies Outcome: Perspectives on Values, Thought, & Aesthetics

JOUR 234 | Beginning Journalism (3 credit hours)
The fundamental principles of gathering and writing news: practice in reporting campus news; and work on the Peru State Times, the college newspaper. This course fulfills General Education requirements for English 201, Advanced Composition.
Prerequisite Required: ENG 101 or ACT/SAT

JOUR 235 | Newspaper Editing (3 credit hours)
This is an intensive course in journalistic desk work that includes copy preparation, headline writing, page layout; extensive work on the Peru State Times desk. Credit not to exceed a total of six (6) hours.
Prerequisite Required: JOUR 234

JOUR 401 | Journalism Practicum (1 credit hour)
Practicum students will be involved in the production of the college newspaper and/or college yearbook. Credit not to exceed one (1) credit hour each semester. May be repeated for up to six (6) hours credit.
Prerequisite Required: JOUR 234