Anthropology Course Descriptions

ANTH 225 | Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 credit hours)
A comparative and historical approach to the religion, social organization, subsistence patterns, and the other aspects of the great variety of cultures around the world.
General Studies Outcome: Methods of Inq & Explanatory Schema - Soc Science

ANTH 308 | Native American History and Culture (3 credit hours)
This course is a broad introductory survey of the cultures and historical experiences of North American peoples from pre-contact to the present in ethno-historical perspective. Course content reflects the diverse nature of indigenous experience across a spectrum of culture groups that comprise the Native peoples of North America. Instruction focuses on how the indigenous peoples of North America responded to the ever-shifting societal stresses that accompanied rapid and often violent social, cultural, and environmental transformations of the last four centuries and how they adapted and changed to meet the challenges they confronted as they persisted in their efforts to preserve their homelands, their cultures, their sovereignty, and their right to self-determination. Cross-listed as HIST 308.
General Studies Outcome: Community, Regional & Global Studies, Methods of Inq & Explanatory Schema - Soc Science