Spring 2023 and Summer 2023

Hello Students,

Thank you for continuing your education at Peru State College. The following provides information on the registration process as well as some helpful general information.

Spring 2023 and Summer 2023 Class Registration

Spring 2023 and Summer 2023 priority registration will begin October 25 – October 27, 2022. Students will enroll according to class standing (senior, junior, sophomore, freshman). Students may find the date they are allowed to enroll posted in their myPSC account.

Spring registration requires students to contact their academic advisor, who is listed in myPSC, to have their advising hold released. Students must communicate with their academic advisor in person, via email, via Zoom, or by telephone regarding what courses they wish to take this coming fall before their academic advising hold can be released. Viewing the Academic Requirements report on the Academics tab in myPSC will assist students in determining their remaining degree requirements.

Summer registration will continue through the first week of the summer term. The Summer 2023 semester begins June 5, 2023 and runs through July 28, 2023. Students are not required to meet with their academic advisor prior to enrolling in summer courses, but it is highly recommended.

If an advisor is not listed for a student in myPSC, please contact the respective academic school providing your degree program:

School of Arts and Sciences, 402-872-2237 or artsandsciences@peru.edu
School of Education, 402-872-2244 or education@peru.edu
School of Professional Studies, 402-872-2432 or shicks@peru.edu

If a student has a more in-depth academic question, they can contact their advisor listed in myPSC or the respective Academic Dean:

Dr. Paul Hinrichs, Dean of Arts and Sciences, phinrichs@peru.edu
Dr. Dwayne Chism, Dean of Education, dchism@peru.edu
Dr. Amber Mahan, Dean of Professional Studies, amahan@peru.edu

Specific questions regarding financial aid should be directed to OneStop@peru.edu or 402-872-2228 as academic advisors focus on the academic progress of students and are not experts in financial aid.

A student who is subject to academic probation should complete their Academic Probation Contract as they will not be eligible to enroll until that contract is submitted and reviewed. For any questions on their probation status, students can speak with their advisor or Dr. Susanne Williams, Retention Specialist, at  swilliams@peru.edu.

Students on financial aid probation or suspension must work with financial aid personnel on these issues. Information on Satisfactory Academic Progress and the appeal process may be found here. If you have questions for Financial Aid, the One Stop office may be reached at 402-872-2228 or OneStop@peru.edu.

For more information on withdrawal dates, final exam schedules (on-campus classes) and other academic calendar information, please follow this link.

How do I use myPSC to register for classes?

For information on how to register for classes using myPSC, here is a guide from Student Records.

Students may use the advanced search function to make it easier to find specific classes by session, subject, mode of instruction (online vs on-campus), etc.

How do I determine what classes I need to take to complete my degree?

The easiest way to determine exactly which classes are still required for your academic program is to view your Academic Requirements report in myPSC. On the Academics tab in myPSC, click on “Academic Requirements” to see your academic progress. We recommend you view the screen output as it is presented rather than view it in the PDF version.  To get a better understanding of how to read your Degree Audit, please review the guide found here.

Who is my Academic Advisor?

Your assigned academic advisor is located on the homepage of your myPSC account along with their contact information. Any academic questions should be forwarded to your advisor. In the event that you are having problems locating your assigned advisor, please contact Skye Hicks at shicks@peru.edu or 402-872-2432.

Who do I contact to release a hold on my myPSC account?

The easiest way to determine what type of hold is on your account is to review the hold in myPSC then contact the appropriate personnel or departments:

Admissions: 402-872-2221, admissions@peru.edu
Athletics: 402-872-2380
CATS: 402-872-2341, swilliams@peru.edu
Student Records: 402-872-2226, registrar@peru.edu
One Stop: 402-872-2228, OneStop@peru.edu

What is the One Stop office?

The One Stop office is your one stop resource for questions about financial aid, billing information, student payments, book vouchers, and various other topics listed here. One Stop is located on the second floor of CATS and can be reached at OneStop@peru.edu or 402-872-2228.

When will I be able to receive a transcript?

It takes approximately one week after the end of a semester for all end-of-term processing to be completed and final evaluations for graduates to begin. If you need a transcript with your degree statement on it, you can order it prior to the end of the semester (we recommend no more than 2 weeks ahead); be sure to choose the “Hold for Degree” option when you order. Graduates with a pending transcript request receive priority status once final graduation evaluations begin.

Transcripts can be ordered online here.

How do I know when certain classes are offered by each school?

Course rotation schedules are available to assist you in planning your academic career. Here are links to the course rotation schedules in each academic school:

Professional Studies - Click on Advising Info then Course Rotation
Arts and Sciences - Click on Advising Info then Course Rotation
Education - Click on Advising Info then Course Rotation 

How do I know if I am eligible for Financial Aid?

Students are encouraged to complete and submit the FAFSA at studentaid.gov as early as they can each academic year. All questions regarding financial aid eligibility may be sent to OneStop@peru.edu or by calling 402-872-2228. In regard to accepting financial aid, there is a Financial Aid link in myPSC where students can Accept or Decline awards.

Where do I find the bookstore so I can purchase books?

Here is the direct link to our online textbook store.

Book Vouchers: Students who plan to use their excess financial aid for textbook purchases:

  • The College will send a financial aid voucher amount to the bookstore for students whose accepted financial aid awards exceed their account balance.
  • The voucher amount may be used during the checkout process when prompted to pay for online purchases.

Book vouchers are only available to use before financial aid disburses in the second week of the term.

Where are my classes hosted online?

Peru State College uses Canvas to host their online classes. The Canvas login can be found here. Your username and password are the same ones used to log into your student email. Classes are available the Friday before the start of the term.

If you have difficulty accessing your Canvas account or technical difficulties within Canvas, please email CanvasTechSupport@peru.edu. You may also contact the Distance Education & Online Services Office at 800-742-4412, option 5. For after-hours assistance, you may call the Canvas Tech Support line (available 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. CT, daily) at 402-819-8181.

What are the dates for withdrawal and for final exams?

The last day to drop courses:

  • 8 week classes - Sunday after courses start
  • 16 week classes - Sunday after courses start

The last day to add courses:

  • 8 week classes - Sunday after courses start
  • 16 week classes - Sunday after courses start

To add a course after the drop/add period, you’ll need to submit the Late Add form found on the Enrollment page in your myPSC account. It is strongly suggested that students communicate with their academic advisor when considering a late add.

The last days to withdraw from 8 week classes and 16 week classes are located on the Peru State Academic Calendar.

To withdraw from an 8 or 16 week course after the withdrawal deadline, you’ll need to submit the Late Withdrawal form found on the Enrollment page in your myPSC account. It is strongly suggested that students communicate with their academic advisor when considering a late withdrawal.

The date for final exams can be found here.

How do I Switch/Add/Drop a Major and/or a Minor?

If you wish to switch, add, and/or drop a major or minor, you will need to fill out the Change of Major form found on the Enrollment page in your myPSC account. Once your request is processed, the Student Records office will make this change in your myPSC account and update your Degree Audit. At this time, if necessary, a new advisor will be assigned to you.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please email registrar@peru.edu.

What do I need to do to graduate?

Students will be notified once they have reached 84 hours telling them that they need to apply for graduation. The graduation application will be listed on the student’s myPSC To Do List once they reach 85-90 credit hours. Students should speak to their advisor if they have questions about their graduation status.

How do I pay my tuition bill online?

Once the student logs in to their myPSC account, go to the Student Accounts tab. On this page, you will have the option to pay your bill online. If you have any questions about your bill or how to pay, contact the One Stop office at OneStop@peru.edu or 402-872-2228.


If you need assistance with logging into your student resources, please visit the following link. If you are unable to access your student resources, please contact the following departments:

Canvas: CanvasTechSupport@peru.edu, 402-872-2386, or after hours (9 a.m. to 9 p.m. CT, daily) at 402-819-8181

myPSC/Student Email: ComputerServices@peru.edu or 402-872-2270

We hope you have a great semester!