Graphic of peru state 101 event.
Join students and faculty for a day-in-the-life college experience on the beautiful Peru State College campus. All future teachers, coaches and any student interested in the complete college experience are invited to sit in on classes, join in student life activities and learn what it means to be a Bobcat!

You’re invited to the first annual Peru State 101! Join us on April 3 to experience a day in the life of a Peru State College Bobcat. It’s free, you’ll eat lunch for free, and we’re giving out free, awesome stuff! PLUS – you can learn more about what it’s really like to attend college.

Registration is Open – Registration deadline is March 27.

Choose up to three of the following courses taught by Peru State faculty and staff!

English: How many exclamation points should I put in this text?!

We communicate through more than words. We’ll look at how we use visual language – font styles, emojis, exclamation points! – to send and interpret thoughts and emotions. Be sure to bring your phone!

Criminal Justice: What makes something deviant?

This course will introduce students to the concepts of norms and deviance and how that meant to control our behavior. We will discuss the difference between formal and informal norms as well as investigate whether or not there are errors in the rules that are in place for people to follow.

Art: Portrait studies

This 30 min course will prepare you with the fundamental break down of human anatomy in the creation of portraits. Students will receive hands on experience in portrait drawing. (If you have a sketchbook please feel free to bring it with you.)

Health and PE: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

While a doctor treats a person who is sick, a public health professional works to prevent the disease from occurring in the first place. This 30-minute primer on public health will explore the complex processes of disease prevention efforts that lead to healthier communities.

Theatre: Room for IMPROVment

Expect the unexpected in this 30-minute improvisation workshop. Through theatre games and group collaboration, we’ll expand your creativity, encourage your spontaneity and laugh…a lot!

Education: Books! – Unlocking hidden potential​ in the elementary and special education classrooms

This session will engage participants in fun ways to use books in the classroom. Join us to explore fun children’s books and activities to go along with them.

Business: Tech tips for your skills toolbox

Virtually every career and industry is becoming more tech-focused and tech-reliant. Geek or not, no matter your current skill level, this class will be a fun way to improve your tech abilities.

Technology: History of games

An exploration of all things games, from board and card games to video games.

Your visit will also include

Campus Life: College life outside of the classroom

Learn about life outside of the classroom at Peru State.  Come see a student residence hall and learn about how students engage on campus through student clubs, athletics (intramural, JV and varsity sports), volunteerism, theater, music performance and by just having fun.

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