Additional information can be found in the Online Student Handbook.

Getting Started:

Is online learning for me?
How is an online course different than a traditional classroom course?
Is a proctored exam required?
How do I apply for admission at Peru State?
What is the tuition cost of an online course?
Is there a schedule of courses to review?
How do I enroll in an online course?
What is Joint Enrollment?
Is there a deadline for enrolling in an online course?
Once I have registered for a course, what happens?
Where can I purchase my textbooks for my course?
When can I access my course?
What type of equipment do I need to take an online course?
What if I cannot get into my course with the username and password
What if I cannot log into my college-issued email account?
What is my NUID
I have entered my course, now what?
What if I do not log into my course or complete a graded item?


Throughout the Semester:

What if I forgot how to do something in my online course?
What if I have a technical issue
How do I contact my online instructor?
Do you have an Online Library and how do I access EBSCO and other research data?
How will I know what I need to take to complete my degree?
How do I get my final grade?
What can I do if I decide to drop or withdraw from a course?
What if I need tutorial assistance online?