Fall 2020 term begins August 17, 2020 and ends November 25, 2020.

  • Fall Term I courses begin August 17, 2020 and end October 2, 2020. Payment deadline is August 31, 2020
  • Fall Term II courses begin October 5, 2020 and end November 25, 2020. Payment deadline is October 19, 2020
  • 3 Week December session begins November 30, 2020 and ends December 18, 2020. Payment deadline is November 30, 2020

* Billing due dates are also posted in myPSC


Paper billing statements are not mailed, however, an online billing statement is available in myPSC self-service at the end of each month.  It is the student’s responsibility to view their account charges in myPSC and make payment by the published payment deadlines.  Students are responsible for payment whether or not they access their account information in myPSC.  An email communication will be sent to the student’s campus email address as soon as the semester charges are available to view online.

Pending financial aid does not extend the payment deadline. We encourage students to complete their financial aid process as soon as possible, and/or pay the account balance in full to avoid further consequences from occurring. Past due accounts that are not paid by the end of the fourth week of the term are subject to administrative withdrawal and inactivation of student meal plan. Payment plan option is also available.


If payment has not been made by the published due date, a late payment fee equal to 2% of the unpaid balance will be assessed to the student’s account. In addition, an enrollment cancellation notice may be sent, which may include canceling the student’s registration and removing the student from on-campus housing and/or meal plans. Past due balances will prevent registration for future classes, processing transcript requests, and assignment of the account to a collection agency, and possible legal action.

Educational benefits are exempt from discharge under bankruptcy unless “undue hardship” as established under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 can be proven. In most cases, tuition and institutional receivables will not be discharged by bankruptcy.


Peru State College accepts payments from outside sources that have formally agreed to pay tuition and fees for an eligible student.  These organizations include but are not limited to the Veteran’s Administration, Vocational Rehabilitation, National Guard, and Americorps.  Each student remains responsible for payment for all charges by the specified due date if the financial aid and/or third party process has not been completed.  Peru State College may assist students in completing the required documents, but the student is responsible for ensuring that all documentation, requirements, and deadlines are met.


Debit/Credit Cards

Pay online through myPSC with Discover, MasterCard, or VISA card payments.  A convenience fee equal to 2.75% of the payment amount will be charged on all debit/credit card payments.


Pay online through myPSC by entering bank account and bank routing numbers.  No convenience fees are associated with payment by e-check.


Check or cash payments may be made in person at the One Stop Office, located on the second floor of the CATS building.  If remittance is by mail, please send payment to:

Peru State College
One Stop Office
P.O. Box 10
Peru, NE  68421-0010

Returned Check/Returned E-Check

A $30 service fee will be charged on all returned check and returned e-check payments. (includes insufficient funds, closed account, stop payment, and incorrect account numbers)


Effective with Fall 2019, Peru State College has partnered with eCampus, our new online bookstore provider.  Students may begin to purchase textbooks at  A book voucher will be provided to students whose excess financial aid will pay for textbook purchases.


The payment plan will be managed through the CashNet system. Please review the terms and conditions prior to enrollment in the plan. The terms and conditions of the payment plan can be found here.

Payment plan functionality allows:

  • Scheduling of recurring payments
  • Online payment by e-check or debit/credit card
  • Additional email addresses may be entered upon enrollment to receive CashNet communications
  • Set up access for a parent or guest by creating PIN information

The payment plan options offered for the Fall 2020 semester are monthly and bi-monthly plans for your payment convenience. Contact CashNet at 877-821-0625 for assistance with your installment plan.
If you have questions regarding the new payment plan options, please contact the One Stop Office at 402-872-2228 or

Information and enrollment in payment plans can be found in myPSC


To receive full financial credit or a refund for dropping an enrolled course, you must drop your course by the following scheduled drop dates:

Semester/Term Must Drop By This Date to Receive Refund
Fall - 8 week session - classes start August 17 by midnight (CST) Sunday, August 23, 2020
Fall - 16 week session - classes start August 17 by midnight (CST) Sunday, August 23, 2020
Fall - 8 week session - classes start October 5 by midnight (CST) Sunday, October 11, 2020
Spring - 8 week session - classes start January 11 by midnight (CST) Sunday, January 17, 2021
Spring - 16 week session - classes start January 11 by midnight (CST) Sunday, January 17, 2021
Spring - 8 week session - classes start March 15 by midnight (CST) Sunday, March 21, 2021
Summer - 8 week session - classes start June 7 by midnight (CST) Sunday, June 13, 2021

Students withdrawing from a course after the start date are not eligible for a credit or refund for that course.

If a student receives federal financial aid awards based upon full-time status and then drops below full-time status, a portion of the federal financial aid may need to be returned to the federal government.  The student would be responsible for the repayment of the returned funds.  The same is true for any student who has received federal financial aid awards based upon the enrollment status at which they were awarded. Please check with the One Stop Office, 402-872-2228 or if you have questions regarding how dropping a class or classes will affect your financial aid awards.

Military Tuition Assistance - Return of Unearned Funds

To comply with the Department of Defense policy, Peru State College will calculate any unearned military tuition assistance (TA) funds on a proportional basis through the 60% portion of the attendance period for which the funds were provided. TA funds are considered unearned at the point the service member student stops attending in the period.

The recalculation of the TA funds will be based on the following formula:

 number of days completed      =    percent earned
total days of the course
(start to end date)

The institution may be required to return a portion or all of the TA funds awarded to the service member student who did not complete at least 60% of each course, which may result in creating a balance due on the student account.



Students who withdraw completely from college will receive prorated credit according to the following scheduled percentages:

Prorated Tuition Schedule

Regular 16 Week Semester

Withdrawal Date Percentage Refunded
1st Week 100%
2nd - 8th Week 50%
After 8th Week 0%

Eight Week Session

Withdrawal Date Percentage Refunded
1st Week 100%
2nd - 4th Week 50%
After 4th Week 0%

Summer workshops with shortened class lengths will not follow this same pro-rated schedule.

Warning - withdrawing from college may also affect your financial aid awards. If you have already received a refund from excess financial aid, you may need to repay a portion of the financial aid according to the federal prorating guidelines for a withdrawal student.

Withdrawal request forms are available from:

Ms. Jamie Eberly

Licensed Student Counselor

Peru State College CATS, Room 204

P.O. Box 10, Peru, NE 68421-0010

Phone: 402-872-2436 or toll free 800-742-4412, ext. 2436

Fax: 402-872-2437



An email communication will be sent as soon as refund checks are available. On-campus enrolled students may pick up refund checks at the One Stop Office. Students whose enrollment is entirely internet based will receive their refund check by mail. Students are encouraged to participate in direct deposit.


Direct deposit of student refunds is available for student participation.  The direct deposit process will expedite the receipt of funds, which will be deposited into bank accounts within 3 days of refund processing, and eliminates the possibility of lost checks through mailing or waiting in line at the One Stop Office.

To participate in direct deposit, log into myPSC and navigate to the Student Account tab and click the “My Bank Info” link. Students will receive email notification as soon as the banking information has been entered, edited, or deleted.


As an eligible institution, Peru State College is required by the Internal Revenue Service to file an annual Tuition Statement Form 1098-T for each student for whom a reportable transaction is made (i.e. tuition, fees, scholarships or grants received). This information is provided to assist taxpayers in determining eligibility for claiming Education Tax Credits enacted by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. The 1098-T information should be combined with a student’s own payment(s) and financial aid records in determining any impact on their tax return.

The school processes the 1098-T information in January of each year. The 1098-T form may be printed by accessing online through myPSC self-service, and granting consent to receive the information electronically. A copy of the 1098-T form will be mailed no later than January 31 to the student's permanent address if the student has not granted consent to receive the information electronically. The school will send an email communication to students as soon as the 1098-T information is available online

How to Access the 1098-T Form

Log into myPSC, navigate to the Student Accounts tab, and click the Tax Information (1098T) link. Select the appropriate Tax Year to view and print the 1098T form.

Questions Relating to 1098-T Reporting

Students may contact the One Stop Office at 402-872-2228 or for questions related to their 1098-T information.  However, be advised that Peru State College personnel cannot give tax advice. Please contact a tax advisor/preparer with specific tax questions. Students may also consult with IRS publications posted at

Request for Student Tax ID number (W-9S form)