Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcomes (SLOs) articulate the knowledge and skills students are expected to gain during their time at Peru State College.  SLOs benefit students, faculty, administrators, and the public which are listed below:

For faculty and staff, participating in SLOs will:

  • allow them to be transparent about their expectations with students;
  • help them determine what learning will be assessed;
  • allow them to make improvements based on data;
  • provide insight into common learning outcomes from program to program and course to course;
  • provide powerful evidence to justify needed resources to maintain or improve programs;
  • supply guidance and evidence for student learning in co-curricular programs

For students, SLOs will:

  • communicate clear expectations about what is important in an academic  program or course;
  • inform them that they will be evaluated in a consistent and transparent way;
  • reassure them that there is common core content across all sections of a course;
  • allow them to make better decisions about programs based on outcomes results;
  • help them identify their strengths and weaknesses

For administrators, implementing college-wide SLOs will:

  • demonstrate an institutional commitment to continually improving the academic programs and services offered by the College;
  • provide valuable data to support requests for funds from state and local government and private donors;
  • provide valuable data for academic planning and decision-making

For the public, SLOs will:

  • satisfy accountability requirements of legislators and state education agencies, professional and regional accreditation agencies;
  • communicates to the general public, including alumni, donors, and the community what the institution expects their students to know and be able to do;
  • provides prospective students with insight into what they will accomplish as a graduate of Peru State College

General Studies Learning Outcomes

Academic Program Learning Outcomes