All internally developed surveys administered to large audiences that include faculty, staff, parents, and students need to be reviewed each time they are administered.  Surveys administered to specific classes or specific audiences (e.g. students who live in a particular residence hall) do not need to be reviewed.

If you are planning on conducting a survey for research purposes, it must be submitted and approved through the Institutional Review Board (IRB).


The process allows Peru State College to apply assessment best practices to benefit the college and the students we assess through:

  • Coordinating survey schedules
  • Avoiding over-surveying (survey fatigue)
  • Selecting the appropriate assessment methods
  • Applying effective instrument design techniques
  • Improving assessment instruments


It is recommended to have proposals submitted at least four weeks in advance in order to ensure enough time for review, edits, and marketing.

—Please note: The OIRA website ( offers many great resources to assist with this process.  The Director of Assessment is available for consultation if needed before beginning the process.

Step 1:   Complete Survey Approval Form (available on OIRA site) and include the questions you intend to ask whether through quantitative or qualitative method.

Step 2:   Director of Assessment will email you recommendations to improve your survey.

Step 3:   If necessary you can schedule an appointment with the Director of Assessment to discuss the recommendations.

Step 4:   Revise (if necessary) and submit finalized assessment to Director of Assessment via email.

Step 5:   If there are concerns about administering the survey, the Director of Assessment will contact the appropriate VP to discuss and make an approval decision.

Step 6:   Upon final approval you may begin to administer the assessment.

Click here to complete approval form